Sunday, March 8, 2009

I should be cleaning. Or planning this weeks menu. Or at least making lunch for today. But no, blogger is calling my name. I've got two veeeeeeery sleepy kiddos... well, I guess they are sleeping, but were barely functioning prior to nap time. We all got way too little sleep last night, thank you late night+time change+early morning, but let's be honest- who wouldn't want to sleep on this overcast, rainy day?! Anyway, I'm choosing relaxing over working right now. I've got all day, right?
I was messing around with tax calculators today and I think we might end up getting money back. I was expecting to pay, so this is positive news. I've always done ours myself, but Jordan is now a liscensed minister with certain tax exemptions and I'm not sure how all of it works. I may play around with TurboTax and see what I think, but we're still waiting on some form from the IRS before we can file. It's all over my head, really.
So I have all of these ideas for our house. I'm thinking about turning our second living room into more of a play room, I want to paint my kitchen, hallway, need to do Cate's nursery, etc. The problem is... well, you remember that nesting part of my pregnancy? Where I went crazy cleaning and painting? Well, I still have the tape on my walls for the trim that has yet to be finished. Ugh. Jordan keeps telling me to do that before I start something new, and he's right. But when do I have the time?!
Right now?
You mean, every day, when my son naps for 2+ hours?
Maybe you should just come do it.
But seriously- I don't like the shade of red that's in my kitchen. Well, I don't want it red at all anymore. I know, I know... I'm fickle. But it's my house. And paint is a cheap(er) fix. ha. The cabinets are white with black hardware, the countertops are greyish, the walls above the counter top are tan... I have a black table, black bar stools, and a black armoire. So what do you think? The room connected to it is yellow.... for now. I was thinking of a fun shade of green maybe? I don't know. I'll post pictures someday, and then maybe you could more easily offer suggestions. The rest of our house, with the exception of our bedroom, are earth tones/calming/warm colors... tan, sage green, yellow, calm blue. I kind of want something fun and bright for my kitchen. Well I just don't know what I want. Do you have a color painted somewhere in your house that you just love?? If so, what is it? What would look really great with black furniture and white cabinets? Hmmmmm? Any ideas?? Help me out, folks!
Okay, I've wasted enough time. I'm off to pick up the living room or look at paint colors or something. Happy Sunday!


  1. My mom's kitchen now and at our old house was painted purple. She has white cabinets, black tile countertops and black/wood furniture. It's somewhere between Barney purple and lavendar, which I know isn't helpful but it's not super bright nor super pale. It's actually a very happy color. She started out with red in this kitchen and ended up changing it too-with the white cabinets she said she felt like she was in an IU kitchen. My kitchen is yellow, which I chose, and a week later I wanted it orange but all the men in my life refuse to paint the kitchen again-something about too much to tape and paint around. Whatever.

  2. Eggplant purple! I did mine in that color and LOVE it. But you have to be brave. And since it's already red, you won't have to buy tinted primer. :)

  3. I love the purple idea too! It is my favorite color, so it gets stuck in a lot of places in our home! Just an apartment so no painting, but someday we will have a house again and David, Urm I mean I will have tons of painting fun!

    Oh if you want to see a gorgeous green kitchen, ask Rachel Hassler to send you pictures of hers! I am pretty sure you know her. Anyway good luck!

  4. I like the idea of green, too, but a softer green. I love red as well, but we put it in the dining room. I originally wanted a green dining room and red kitchen, but with LOTS of suggestions, I switched the colors and LOVE it. Both colors look soothing to me in different ways. We chose a softer, paler green because we have white trim and wood cabinets and floor.


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