Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just so you know...

I'm laughing hysterically at my son being hysterical at his observation of the newly added latch to keep the fridge shut. He is mad as fire! He keeps stomping his feet and crying, and alternating between yelling 'mulk' and 'jew'.
And now he's over it, as he re-discovered our other purchase made this afternoon... are you ready for this?
A fish.
That's right, folks. We now have a pet, a blue and red beta fish name Gyu. That's like 'goo' with a 'ya' before the 'oo'. It was a long naming process that went something like this:
Daddy: Corban, what do you want to name your fish?
Corban: fish, fish, fish
Mommy: Your name is Corban, the baby's name is Cate, Daddy's name is Jordan. What do you want to name the fish?
Corban: (pointing to fish) Baby!
Daddy: No, that's not a baby, it's a fish. Do you like the name Gertrude?
Corban: (Nods head) yeah.
Daddy: Can you say Gertrude?
Corban: (Nods head again) yeah. (Mind you, I'm dying laughing at his new talent of head-nodding at the appropriate time, coupled with the casual 'yeah').
Daddy: Well say Gertrude then.
Corban: Gyu.
Daddy: You think we should name the fish Gyu?
Corban: (Nods head) Yeah.
Daddy: Gyu it is.
Corban: Gyu! Gyu! Gyu!

Oh.. my life is fun. There is nary a dull moment in this househould.
In other news- my daughter smells so incredibly delicious I could eat her with a spoon. Okay, maybe that's a stretch... but she has that freshly bathed newborn smell that has yet to be polluted by that just-spit-up smell.... A little slice of heaven in my arms, folks!
I love being Mama.
Off to change diapers and head to church!


  1. I read this story aloud to Brian.

  2. Kristen I found you. Love the story about Gyu! Aren't theses toddler years great. We are often laughing at Eliana and the amazing way she is learning to incorprate her own little mannerisms into her speach. Again never a dull moment. Renee


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