Monday, March 16, 2009

are you ready for this?

BEFORE (when we bought the house)AFTER
BEFORE (when we bought the house)
DURING (my moment of apparent color blindness)

And a few more shots...

I started the tan at 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday night, painted the green during Corban's nap on Thursday and finished up Thursday evening. I am thrilled with the results! We're still looking for black chairs to match our table, I'm searching for a new centerpiece also, and we're going tomorrow to by the trim for the doorframes... in case you were wondering. =) I had, at one point in time, painted a gray-ish beige color that looks better with the countertops than the tan does, but it made the room feel so cold, so tan it is. Anyway, there's my mostly finished kitchen re-do!

If I weren't typing with one hand I might have more to say... but that's not the case! Adios!
Oh, a preview for a blog to come... I'm going to convert our second living room into a playroom and am wanting some ideas for it. So put your thinking caps on!


  1. Beautimus!
    You rock too, painting at 11:45 pm!?!? I love the colors, and wal mart had some cute black chairs not that long ago for under $50! As for a centerpiece, good luck, our table has a candle too that is never lit because of Daniel! I had a very cute reed diffuser vase with a chick little plate and rocks and votives on either side, but Daniel kept pulling out the reeds and eating the rocks!

  2. I like the green! If you aren't too attached to your current chairs, you could rough them up and bit and paint them black. I know they might not be the same style as the table, but they would blend better. Light coats of spray paint work great! And, maybe you could put a coordinating chair pad or ribbon on them?
    As for play rooms...I have some experience there. We've done it several ways--all toys, no toys, some toys. The best way for us has worked to put toys in the room, along with appropriate, colorful containers and baskets, while at the same time keeping some adult function to the room. We currently have our computer desk as well as two recliners and a table with a lamp on it. We've found that if the room is only designed for kids, we don't want to hang out in there. Then, our kids don't want to hang out in there either because we are elsewhere. But, that's just the craziness of our household:)

  3. It's looking quite lovely! I did notice some shutters in the 'before' picture on the window...those looked cool, do you still have them? Just an idea, but those would be pretty to paint and put back up. Shutters are really in right now. But anyway, I love the way it looks, and good luck on the playroom. I agree with the girl who posted before me (Jen) that your playroom should also be useful to you and Jordan as well, and then store toys in wicker or cloth baskets, things like that, and place them on shelves. Maybe you could build some shelves to look like built-ins. Hope some of that helps! Good luck! Need any help, just let us know...we're bored! ;)

  4. I think it looks great! I love before and after pictures. You guys have done a lot of work there. I'm impressed.

    Happy St. Patty's day. I hope you find something fun to do outside in this lovely sunshine. :)


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