Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a little (more) taste of home

Our house, in all it's glory... no landscaping, but semi-removed-once-overgrown shrubbery, mini-van clad, and dresser on front porch. Once upon a time, it had rotting wood siding, but my handy husband remedied that. Soon to come: shutters, flowers.
Also, once upon a time, the above picture is what our bathroom looked like. And yes, that little lamp was the only lighting that there was... that worked any way.
Now, the only similarity: the tissue box. We removed the wallpaper, textured the walls, painted, laid new flooring, installed the pedestal sink, and new mirror (which I bought for $10, btw).

Above, Corban's bedroom, covered with the old peoples' junk. Notice the pretty border, and beautiful curtains (and my sarcasm). Also, the floor was covered in really lovely, cat-urine stained brown carpet. Oh, the picture of perfection.

Now!! One of my most favorite rooms in the house! We removed the carpet, laid laminate flooring, painted tan and that pretty green stripe, removed the closet doors, and put new stuff in there. The bed is actually part of a bunk-bed set that was Jordan's growing up. The bedding and room accessories are from Target (of course), and what wasn't given to me was purchased at 50-75% off. Total room cost: less than $300. (floor included!)

(P.S.- the lamps are waiting for bulbs for their final placement. Also wanted to add that I haven't put any of the stuff up on the walls yet!)

Another before, complete with the previous owners. Isn't it lovely? And yes, we bought the house looking this way! haha. My favorite part are the really awesome medieval looking sconces by the fire place. When you flipped the light switch, they produced a non-light producing flicker, mimicking a flame. They found a really nice home in the dumpster!

Okay, so these aren't really 'after' shots... as the room isn't finished, or even close to it. This is the room I'm considering making a play room. My dilemma: the first picture is what you see when you walk in my front door, and you look to the right. The second picture is what you see when you're sitting at the kitchen table. The last one shows where the doors are in relation to the rest of the room.

Okay. So what do you think? The furniture is being sold on craigslist, and the only thing we plan on (as of right now, anyway) putting in there (as far as 'real' furniture) is a futon that Jordan's grandparents are giving us. It's a nice, real piece-of-furniture futon, not just a dorm-room style one. A definite upgrade from the blue hand-me-downs currently occupying the space. I've got a few ideas of my own floating around, but I'm not ready to commit quite yet. So, I'm wanting to hear your suggestions, with having 'seen' the space I'm working with.
Please, people. I need some feedback. I'm ultra-motivated to finish my downstairs, and this is the last hurdle. So what do you think?!


  1. The play room is a great idea! I like that you can see it from your kitchen, you could gate it off at that door so they are in one spot while you are cleaning, doing dishes, etc. and still be able to get to them quick.

    As far as it being what you see when you walk in the door... hmmm I dunno about that part. Louver doors would be cute. Or maybe another gate and a curtain!?

    Just some thoughts for ya!

  2. I totally get what you're saying, but I don't think I want to completely cover it, like with a door or anything. I guess, my dilemma is that I need to make it appealing to the eye, while it still being a functional play room for the kids!

  3. You guys have a done an amazing job. Your house looks great. It makes me want to start on ours. It also helps me not panic, seeing as how you did all of that with a little munchkin around which is something I have been constantly worrying about. I keep wondering how in the world am I going to do all of this with a newborn!

    I think your kitchen looks amazing compared to what it was! I'll probably be emailing you this summer asking you how you did things. I love the green. I think that is what we're going to do. Corban's room looks so cute and it is something he can grow into as well. You guys have really made a home for yourselves. Congrats!

  4. SO after much consideration and looking over your pictures a million and a half times...I have just a few ideas, none that are really mind blowing but still :)
    Okay so I think that putting a storage chest of some sort under the window and two tall book cases on each side of it will give you great space to store things but also still seem like a grown up space.
    You could put the futon where the big couch is and I like the idea of a round coffee table that you could just pull up little chairs up to and voila! an instant craft table for the kiddos.
    I'm kinda stuck on the brick...I think with the paint color on the wall its too much of a contrast (it could just be the lighting in the pictures though). But if you find darker pieces of furniture (book cases, end tables, storage chest, etc) it might seem more cohesive. Another idea that you might not be too fond of is painting that room a light burnt orange color that ties in with the brick. It would be really neat if you could find some pieces of (interesting/classy) wallpaper, that matched your wall color to put in those "medieval" niches in the brick and find some nice sconces. Instant art!
    You could find some cute cushions to put on the fire place to add some extra seating.
    So hopefully that was at least a little helpful. I really need to visit so I can help you finish all of your little projects, i LOVE stuff like that! You guys have done a great job on the house! Its really adorable! :)

  5. Nice before and after pics. I like the bathroom re-do a lot.
    And I love Corban's room. Very cute decor. So he's in a big boy bed now. How do you get him to stay in it? Has he fallen out at night?


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