Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(Baby Cate, 3 weeks old)

I attempted captions, making this look orderly, etc. I even uploaded pictures before trying to write. But just know, we enjoyed the 60 degree weather we've been experiencing, Corban fell in the mud, I love to 'wear' my baby, my children are stinkin precious. Oh wait, can I say that? Anyway, I'm finding that doing things one-handed is difficult, especially typing... thus the reason I'm ending this now. And besides, who wouldn't rather snuggle a precious sleeping baby??


  1. Yesss! I love muddy kids! :)
    Where did you get your sling?

  2. I love seeing moms wearing their babies. I definitely want to get a sling when I have kids! Cate is ever so precious! And Corban! When did he get so big?! I couldn't believe how grown up he looks! It looks like he had a blast in the mud! We enjoyed the 60 degree weather here too, even if it did only last a day and now is in the 30s again.

    I have not figured out how to do pictures on here, let alone captions. But then again, I'm very partial to Xanga. Lol.


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