Monday, February 2, 2009

It's started already.
My phone rings... I answer.
"Hi this is Anne from Dr. Miller's office, and I'm calling regarding your question about Katie."
I talked to her twice today, and both times she called her Katie. And both times I said Cate. I can't make her Katie in my mind. It just doesn't seem right. And I wanted her to be just Cate. I'm not really as upset about it as this makes me sound. lol.

Corban was sick all weekend. Like, wouldn't eat, fell asleep with you holding him, just wanted to go 'nigh nigh' all day long sick. There were lots of tears and lots of sleep (except at night time- he was up more than Cate). He perked around Sunday afternoon, and is definitely feeling better today. I can't decide if I think he had a cold, an ear infection, or if it's just the teeth he's cutting. Either way, I'm glad to have my sweet boy back.
Cate slept 7 hours straight last night. Holy moly! I think she has some tummy issues going on, and we're trying to determine if it's the milk she's drinking or if she has bug. Doctor is leaning towards bug, but I think differently. Either way, she spits up an awful lot and last night we had (just a few) minutes of inconsolable crying. It scares a mama to try everything and nothing work to soothe. Thank the Lord is was just like 5 minutes of it! Though she sleeps for long periods, I have to confess... she usually spends part of the night in bed with me. She's definitely more 'clingy' than Corban was... she doesn't like to spend much time outside of my arms, and come night time, it's no different. Once she's good and asleep I can lay her down without a problem, but she doesn't fall asleep in her cradle on her own very often. I don't want to co-sleep. I mean, I do... I love the closeness and having her right there next to me, being able to feel her breathe, the convenience, etc. But I don't want to deal with trying to break her of it, transition her to a crib, all that jazz. It's a small thing to worry about, I know. I am very grateful for her current sleeping patterns though.
On top of Cate sleeping 7 hours straight last night, we didn't wake up until 9a.m. this morning! Corban included! Woohoo!! It was a nice, full, restful nights sleep, and I feel refreshed today.
We had the jr. high over for the Super Bowl last night. Well, it was just our normal Sunday crew plus a few extras, but it was a good time. It was nice to see everyone... I feel so disconnected. I'm looking forward to returning to church, for sure. We may go Wednesday night, I'm undecided, but I think we'll probably go on Sunday for sure. I've got the cutest little dress I can't wait to put Cate in- haha!!
JD had chemo today. I can't remember what round this is.. maybe #6?! It seems like they've got a routine down to make the day go quickly and smoothly for him. I still hate it. I hate that it's a regular thing that they have a routine for. But I'm thankful for it, and I know things could be so much worse... I'm just praying that it's doing the trick. He'll have an MRI the end of this month. I get butterflies just thinking about it. Anyway, keep praying for him! He's doing really really well, and typically is just sick the day of chemo and the day after. So far, he hasn't lost his hair and has had very few other side effects from the medicine. PTL!!
Okay, I'm off. Sorry this was long and boring. My kitchen is calling my name.. pizza boxes scattered, ditry dishes in the sink. Better get to work while the kiddos are asleep!


  1. I hear ya. there are some people who absolutely will not call Elijah by his given name. No matter how many times I say it deliberately they still call him "baby Eli". grr.

  2. I second it! I HATE when people call Daniel Dan or Danny, or worse Danny boy! It is like nails on a chalkboard to me! Grrr. Oh and don't get me started on Kairi! If they don't know us and sometimes even when they do, they call he Carrie! It is soooo annoying! You think oh my kids'names are unique and not so common anymore and people can't even be polite enough to ask how to say them or what you want them called! grrr! Okay sorry I had to get that out!


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