Friday, February 6, 2009


Is anyone else out there sooooo done with winter? After January 1st, I'm more than ready for spring. Come February, I find the snow just down right loathsome. But- I live in Indiana. Too bad for me. Rumor on the street (or though, is that we have some mid to upper 50 days making an appearance here soon. Wahoo! I definitely will be taking a walk outside (using my nearly semi-sized double stroller) and of course, letting Corban run around. He loves anything outside. It will most definitely be muddy, however, because of the 13 inches of snow currently sitting on the ground. Did I really just write a whole paragraph about the weather?
Moving on now..
We watched Fireproof last night. Have you seen it? What were your thoughts? I was really blessed and challenged by it. Jordan, who really wasn't wanting to watch it, loved it and said we were going to buy it. And he listed several people he wanted to watch it too. I think I'm still processing and thinking through the movie. One thing I really liked- it talked about studying your partner. It talked about how when you're dating, you try to learn their likes and dislikes, you watch and listen to them, etc. They compared it to getting a high school degree in your mate. Now, after years of marriage, the same thing needs to be done, but more intensely. You study until you get a college degree, and then a masters, then a doctrate... There were several things like that, and I'm just trying to figure out- what does that look like for me, for us? How will that work in my marriage? How can I put that into practice? The bottom line, really, is that marriage takes effort. And I've been lazy. And selfish. My mindset has been, "well he's not trying, he's not making any effort, so why should I?" I seriously nearly said to him (during a discussion) two nights ago, "I'm not making any less of an effort than you are." (but I held my tongue). It just shows where my heart is though... me, me, me, it's all about me. I don't want to be that way!! Anyway, I definitely recommend the movie. I may have more to say on it later, but I've been typing this one handing, as I'm nursing Cate. And now Corban is crying, so I must tend to the kiddos!
Have a great weekend... I'm really excited about mine! We have a weekend church staff (and spouse) retreat, and then Phil Whickam concert on Sunday. Can't wait! Adios!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my post yesterday BTW!

    We are watching Fireproof on Valentine's day at Chapel books! I hope it impacts us too!
    Oh and bring it on Spring! I have also got a semi sized double stroller that needs to get a move on! (and maybe my last 15 lbs. of baby fat too!) Happy weekend and happy 50 degrees, when it gets here!

  2. Kristen, I've seen Fireproof, but it has been awhile. I saw it with Brian about a month after we'd been married. I thought it was great, and the message superb...
    but I must have forgotten all of it. Thanks for your post. I needed to hear exactly what you said. I am so selfish...I rarely study Brian. I keep telling him I feel like I don't really know him like I thought I did...and God used you, I think, to stop me in my tracks and convict me, big time. Instead of saying that, I should just study him...

  3. I'm with you concerning winter...bring on Spring!!!

  4. I live in michigan...what's spring?

    I haven't seen fireproof yet, but I am excited to watch it. ha. is that funny? anyway, now after reading this I'm even more excited too!


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