Sunday, July 10, 2011

weekend trip to Cleveland

Lots of pics-- but I want to document. We left Friday afternoon and went to straight to the Indians game. It was a wonderful time-- the kids did really well, overall. 

 Corban and Uncle Brandon
My parents were also in Cleveland to go to our cousins graduation open house. My mom has the most amazing group of girl friends from high school, and one of her dear friends Laurie lived just 20 minutes from our cousins house. Laurie (and her husband, Art) were kind enough to open their home to ALL of us. Not a small undertaking. :) We were showered with the most welcoming hospitality, and it was wonderfully relaxing-- a perfect time!
We got up Saturday morning and our group drove a few miles down to the beach on Lake Erie. We were there for a few hours-- everyone enjoyed.

 And then from the beach, we went to a just-built public water park and it was incredible. If you're ever near Avon Lake, OH-- you MUST check this place out. It had something for everyone-- a lazy river, high dive, water slides, splash pad, 3 ft. whirl pool, no entry area with a giant water playground. It was incredible. We were there for several hours and just had a blast.

We left there and went to the graduation party, where we got to see more family. It really was just an excellent weekend all around! We plan to make our Cleveland trip an annual thing, always hitting an Indians game with my brother. (We did so last year... I blogged about it, but am too lazy to look for the link right now!) 
Anyway- things are BUSY, getting all sessions edited and mailed out (plus shooting two engagements this week, too), final details for St. Kitts, packing, making a trip to Marion to see some dear friends, and then a family reunion this weekend. It'll be a whirlwind, I'm sure-- but this time next week we will be ST.KITTS BOUND!!! Ah!
Okay. Time for bed.

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