Wednesday, July 20, 2011

day 2

 Hello! Day two is winding down... last minute vbs prep is happening in the kitchen, air mattresses are being brought back out, people are beginning to head to bed. It was another busy and full day in St. Kitts, and this (10:35) is the first free time most of us have really had today- aside from eating meals and showers, of course.
 The buses arrived and shipped the different groups off to the VBS's. Numbers rose, as anticipated, and things went very well. One of the groups has a large number of teenagers, surprisingly. The VBS curriculum is definitely geared towards children, so they've had to improvise a little. Christa and Ashley were able to share their testimony with some of the girls and have some really awesome conversations. Be praying for those relationships, that they would see the difference in our girls, the joy and love and desire to walk rightly as a result of their love for Jesus. Pray that our girls would be able to minister to these who are more peer-aged, and that the teens would recognize their need for a Savior, and have a desire to know Him and His word!

I (Kristen) have been staying home in the mornings with Wendi and Audri. We wash breakfast dishes and get things back in order, hit the grocery store, and make preparations for lunch. I cannot tell you have much I'm enjoying those few quiet(er) hours with my sweet friend. I've missed her SO much... and even if it's conversation between bottle making and dish washing, I am so thankful for the time with her. :)
Anyway, a few VBS pictures:


Everyone we returned from VBS and we had a quick lunch of grilled hotdogs. Our wonderful grill master (and baby Keaton) :) --
 We stopped by the park where one group was working. Still some hiccups today, but there is high hopes of actually beginning what they had planned tomorrow. They're power washing these graffiti-filled walls and then painting over it.

 We continued work on the playground today. We have the framework done and tomorrow will continue building it. Jordan and I were able to have a neat conversation with a hospital employee today... At the very beginning of our conversation, it was mentioned that we were married. Her immediate follow up to that was, "Are you guys Christians?" Pretty interesting. She had a lot of questions-- wanting to know if being a Christian made a relationship easy, if there were still hardships. She wanted to know if there were still struggles and temptations even though we were Christians. Please pray that we see her again and continue to have conversations with her and point her to the Lord... whose love is endless and perfect, so contrary to the love that this world demonstrates.
Lastly, we had a fantastic meal and then prepared the house for Bible study tonight. There around 10 Kittitians here-- and two small children! Brandon was able to share his testimony with us all and share on   some verses from 1 John 4. It was awesome to be a part of what God is doing here, to hear these locals speak so highly of Brandon and Wendi. It's amazing to see the favor, how God is working and moving. Please continue to pray for these relationships that are being established.
We appreciate your prayers! The kids have had little to no access to the computers, as our days are so full (and let's be honest--- it's really good for us ALL to unplug a little for a little while...), but I've been passing the comments along to the youth as their parents comment on the blog. 
Tomorrow will be a busy day, but a calmer evening. I hope to continue to update daily. All the best!!


  1. I love seeing all the updates! Prayers.

  2. "Meme"July 20, 2011 at 8:20 PM

    I look so forward to reading these!
    Can't go to bed til I see what you've posted!! Yes, I also noticed when I was there how Brandon and Wendi have found a place among the Kittitians there. It was great to see Brandon first- hand "doing his thing" for the Lord in St Kitts.

  3. I'm so glad you and Wendi are getting that time together. I love getting the updates, you guys are doing great! I hope it's not as hot there as it is here. Praying for you!!

  4. Doreen Van OoyenJuly 20, 2011 at 8:29 PM

    Thanks for the update. Now I can head to bed. Sounds like wonderful connections are being made. Doreen - Connor V's mom

  5. I am so inspired by the love that you all have for the people of St. Kitts. No doubt God will bless and multiply all that you are doing!
    Thank you for serving Him!


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