Saturday, July 23, 2011

beach day!

 We had a beautiful section of beach, totally secluded and all to ourselves. 
The water was warmer than the air and everyone went right in.

 sweet Nora James, hanging out at the beach.
 Some of our girls, lounging by the water:
lots and lots of rain....accompanied by strong gusty winds.
We had packed a tent, anticipating a full beach day and a need of a spot for the girls (as in, our daughters) to nap. Little did we know it would be our refuge from the blowing sand and strong rain! Wendi and I sat in the tent as Mark Canada held the cover over and the rest of the tent flapped about, staying put only by our weight. We were laughing hysterically in the picture above.
Anyway, Brandon drove as close as he could to the beach and took us girls and babies back to the house, and then shortly returned home with a few other girls. The rest of the group stayed and played in the pouring rain and waves and waited on the bus-- which was to return 3 hours later. Us girls at the house enjoyed a quiet afternoon and the group that staid at the beach raved about the fun that they had. 
All in all- a good day for all.
Tomorrow, our group is leading worship and sharing at two different local churches. A local woman, Mavis, has invited us all to her house for lunch, and then in the evening, there are some basketball games scheduled. 
Please pray for our time at the churches- that we would be bold as we share what God is doing in our hearts, that we could minister to the locals and to eachother, that God would be glorified in the time we have there.
Off to bed! Goodnight!
(It's so hard -- there is so much to share, so many amazing stories, so many testimonies of God's sovereignty, His faithfulness... but there is little time to write (and focus while writing). Be sure to ask us more when we get home-- the things shared here barely scratch the surface!)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Your posts just make me smile!!!

  2. Thanks for all of your updates. All of you continue to be in my prayers daily. I look forward to hearing all the stories my daughter Eli, Chase, and others will have when they return.

  3. You two are so cute in that tent! I'm so glad to see you together and having fun :)


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