Tuesday, July 19, 2011

day 1

 Hello again, from St. Kitts!
What an amazing view, huh?! Anyway, my hope is to pull pictures from all the different locations for these posts, but I only have a few minutes to post tonight and I can't find my camera cord, and the others' whose cameras I wanted to use are currently at the other house or watching basketball games. So- the pictures tonight are courtesy of Matt Hawkins, the youth pastor from the Ft. Wayne group that is with us.
 Today was, as anticipated, very full.
The day started with breakfast (pancakes-- thanks, Wendi!) at 8 a.m. We ate and loaded up in buses at around 8:45ish. (Brandon told them at 8:15, expecting them to arrive on "Island time".) The three different groups went to three different parts of the island. The VBS that had started on Monday had 230 kids show up today. DOUBLE what was there the first day!!! Another VBS had 100 kids for the first day, and the third had around 40. Awesome!! 
There were so many good reports from the time at Vacation Bible school. It was crazy and busy, we were told, but our kids loved the Kittitian children. I heard several times that they were just really sweet, and very smart. They also love having their pictures taken and taking pictures. :)

All three groups return to the same locations tomorrow. If history repeats itself, there will be a LOT of kids there. Please be praying for our youth as they share (and show) the love of Jesus to these precious kiddos. 
Have we mentioned that one of the church just celebrated its 50th anniversary of being a church... and not one time has there ever been a VBS?! 
Exciting things happening here on the island!!
After VBS, we scarfed down lunch and got ready for our work projects. We have 6 groups, and 5 go out to different locations around the island. The 5th stays at the house and works on things here, cleaning, dinner prep, etc.
The group I was with got to go to a local hospital. It was set up unlike any I've ever been in. And I'm pretty sure it was not air conditioned, as the windows were open and people were leaving with their fans. Our job here was to tear down a playground that had been set up near the Pediatric ward, but was no longer safe for children. It was tilted, had rotting wood, swings had been taken down. We took it all apart, threw away the wood that was not salvageable and will spend the rest of the week building a new one! (I have pictures, but can't upload them...)
There was one group who went to a local elementary school and were painting classrooms on the inside. Another group washed and then began painting the exterior of a residents house. The third and fourth groups were supposed to start things to build the park, but had some hiccups and ended up mostly cleaning up trash. We will be at these same spots, finishing the projects we began the rest of the week. 
Tomorrow I will post more pics of the different going ons around the island, but it's now time for worship and I don't want to miss it!!
Please keep praying for our group! Unity, energy, love, servant hearts, changed hearts....
Thank you! All the best!... as the Kittitians say. ;)


  1. Sounds wonderful Kristen! So happy for you all.

  2. So awesome! I can't believe you have that many kids coming to VBS. Definitely praying for you all. I know how hard that is.. and working in the heat afterwards!? It's insane! What amazing opportunities!
    Thanks for keeping us updated- keep it coming!

  3. thanks for filling us in!

  4. beautiful! I'm so glad things are going well. I'll continue to pray for your group and those you are serving. I hope this is a blessed time of growth for you especially. I love hearing the updates... keep em coming! :)

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated Kristen. Sounds like many blessings are being shared already. Doreen - Connor V's mom from Fort Wayne.

  6. It sound's like you are all working very hard! Still praying!


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