Tuesday, July 5, 2011

today and soon:

 we bid adieu...  
 to that fantastic
head of hair.

Did I just write a blog about a hair cut?!

Okay, fine. Maybe I just wanted to show off those luscious locks before they are no longer.
Isn't he a beautiful little boy?!
I started to write this sappy post about my sweet son-- but I figure I'll save it for his FOURTH birthday, which is just a few weeks away. Man!

In other, world shaking news:
-I washed dishes for approximately two hours today. 

-We attempted a run right at bedtime tonight. Those girls of ours made sure it was a short one-- but 2 miles is better than none, right?

-We are TWELVE DAYS from heading to St. Kitts!!!! Lots of smoothing out of details now. So much effort went into fund-raising, and now the focus is much more on preparing for what we'll be doing once we're there. We've got 3 different vacation Bible schools set up - and they're approximating that we'll see 150-200 kids between the three locations. We've got several work projects in order, ranging from local clean-up to painting a house to building swing sets. We will be working with a Boys Club, a nursing home, prison, church, etc. We will be fitting an incredible amount in a short amount of time (10 days!). I am SO excited and cannot wait to be there. Please be praying for our team to be unified (23 youth are going with us), for us to be a light on the island, for us to be an encouragement to Brandon and Wendi, for the Kittians hearts to be open to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like I said- I am so excited!!! I WILL be updating while we are there, just fyi.

- I am really nervous about 10 days away from the big kids. That's a long time for a mama to be away from her babies!

-Nora said "mama" AND waved this weekend. She's an all-star. :)

-Cate is potty trained. You may remember me mentioning it awhile back, but then we had a baby and out the window that went. Anyway, only 1 in diapers?! Yes, please!

-I really need to be editing right now, and not blogging. So.... this pointless list (and post, really) ends! Goodnight!


  1. What a cutie! Your going to miss that hair! = ) It sounds like your getting allot accomplished and your trip sounds amazing!

  2. Your posts are NEVER pointless! Keep on writing. A lot of times, it's my only glimpse into your life. Man, I have said it before and I'll say it again - I miss our old weekly walks something fierce.

  3. I'm glad you posted. I had missed hearing your updates. :)

    I bet Corban will look so grown up with his hair cut short. That's the way I always feel when Elijah's is cut.

    I will be praying for you and the mission team. what a wonderful experience! Can't wait to hear all about it... and see some gorgeous photos too!


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