Monday, July 25, 2011

day 6 & 7

 Sunday -- we first went to church at CCF, which is predominately made up of Ross students. Our group lead worship, several youth shared about their experiences and what God was doing in their hearts during this trip, and then Matt shared from Matthew 28, on 'the great commission'. I was so proud of our kids (and encouraged and challenged), listening to them share their hearts. Matt shared right along with what I've been challenged with this week anyway-- getting out and sharing Jesus, wherever we are.
We then went to Grace Gospel Hall, a traditional gospel church. It was really different than anything I'd been to, but was a really neat experience. It started with communion and a cappella hymns, and then more worship. Then Chase (from our group) did a few worship songs and a group did a skit, and then Jordan spoke.
After church, a woman, Mavis, invited us all (yes, all 30 of us!) for lunch. We had a fantastic homecooked meal and enjoyed hanging out.  A few people walked around the property and picked coconuts, starfruit, and mangoes from the trees. So different than Indiana!!
 We came home and relaxed for a little bit and then headed out to the boys basketball game -- boys from our group verses the team that Brandon coaches.
beautiful Audri Jaye

 a group of us watching the boys play. 
Have I mention that we've had INCREDIBLE weather?! In the evenings, especially... upper seventies with that perfect ocean breeze. No complaints from me, especially with the heat wave taking place at home.
 the guys playing-
the Kittitians won by 7 points.
and then today:
I don't have many reports, as we were all different places, finishing up our work projects. Most places wrapped up or have little things left to finish, which Brandon, Nick, Brett and Christa will try and finish the next few weeks, before returning to the US. 
A few groups finished early in the day and then spent the rest of the day at the beach.
The group that I was in (building the play ground) were at the hospital working from 10:30-6:30... but we finished!
 Casey and Layla with their giant juice boxes.
 in progress...
 Megan climbing the rock wall..
 the first Kittitian on the play ground!! 
 Finished views! (Brandon and the others will come and seal and stain it this week, so it won't look like 908 different shades of wood.) 
I'm going to brag on my husband a little-- we tore down the old, termite damaged playground, and Jordan designed this playground in his brain. He'd instruct us on what to do, and we'd do it- with no idea where things were heading. But today, it all came to fruition-- and I am so impressed! :)
Anyway, again, it's late and I don't have access to others cameras right now, so these are just pictures from the places I was. I've heard wonderful things about the turn out of the ladies' house that was painted, the park that was finished, the school that was also painted. I look forward to seeing the others' pictures and seeing the work!
Tomorrow begins our 'downtime'. We have a rain forrest hike planned for the morning, souvenir shopping and maybe the beach. Wednesday will be our day at the Marriott, a nice dinner out, and worship on the beach- which we are ALL looking forward to. It'll be a really sweet time- we're expecting many locals and Ross students, and there will also be baptisms. 
Sorry if this is really scatter brained- there's conversations going on all around me and this has taken me forever to even get this far.
It has continued to be a really sweet time and lives are being changed... I'm really excited for the work that God has began here and seeing change take place once we return home. Please be praying for us as we wrap up our trip and prepare to return to the busyness of home.


  1. I was SO looking forward to another post. Can't wait to see you on the 6th and hear about it all in person as we are driving down to Evansville. I love these updates and I love you!

  2. me too...I was so excited to see this post! I'd been so curious what was going on!!

  3. So edifying and encouraging! Thank you for taking time to share! I too am impressed with your husband's mad play-ground-building skills!!! May you all be blessed with boldness and peace today!!


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