Monday, May 2, 2011


Just a quick blurb here-
We're working as a youth group to raise support to go to St. Kitts this summer.
In case you're wondering... I hate fundraising. BUT- with three of our five member household going on this trip, it's necessary.
I've never been on a mission trip before, and I am beyond excited about this opportunity. I've previously mentioned our best friends moving down to the island to start a church--- it was really really sad for us to watch them leave, it was a major role change in Jordan's job, etc. etc. etc.- Now, we're getting a chance to go down and be a part of what God is doing in St. Kitts. They've already gotten plugged into SO many things- coaching a basketball team, serving at a Boys Club, leading a Bible study. We'll be helping with these things, running a vacation bible school, beach clean-up, whatever other needs arise between now and then. I can't wait to be down there with our dear friends, to see life as their experiencing, and to serve the people that are now part of their home, their lives.

To read more about what Brandon and Wendi are doing in St. Kitts and what we'll be a part of this July, check out their blog here.

If you're interested in contributing to our team financially, you can click on the following link to do so:
Marathon Event Marketing - Indianapolis Fundraising - Horizon Youth Group - Kristen McGaughey

Most importantly, please be praying for our trip. We're taking an incredible group of kids down to serve alongside incredible people. We want to be used to spread the love of Jesus to the Kittitians and to bless and encourage Brandon and Wendi and their growing family. We covet your prayers for our time now as we work and serve as a group to prepare to go their to work and serve the locals!
Thanks, friends!! :)


  1. Found your blog when I did a Google Search on "Family Missions Trips" and then refined the search to only include blogs. Would love to talk to you about this trip, why you're going, etc. Check our our family travel blog at You can contact me at clarkvand (at)


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