Wednesday, May 11, 2011

what a difference... (Cate version)

One year makes.
Caters, last May:
and today:
...and a few more of my approaching 2 and a half, wild, tender, free-spirited little girl:

 (time out. when did this happen!? So big, so fast...)

Isn't she lovely? 
And to know her, to be with her, hear her sweet voice, listen to her rapid-fire thoughts... amazing...
she's incredible.
I've said it a million times over, but what's one more time?! 
I have blessed beyond measure.

Pics of Corbanator coming next!!


  1. indeed she is sooooo lovely. I just love her to pieces.... Can never get enough of her! :)

  2. She's so beautiful. Love those curls and the yellow.


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