Monday, April 25, 2011


  • I have too much to do to be blogging right now... yet, here I am.
  • It's rained at least 673 straight days.
  • That last bullet may be an exaggeration. But I sure am missing sunshine.
  • I have mastered my homemade carmel macchiato. And it is good.... Only further enforcing my latte addiction.
  • Easter weekend was jam packed and included two trips to our hometown, riding to prom in a limo, three church services, two easter egg hunts, and a tremendous appreciation for a Savior who died and rose and gives me life abundant.
(In case you're wondering about the 'sling'--- Cate's Uncle Isaac broke his wrist last week and is in a sling. Cate fell and scraped her elbow, and wore hers for the next two hours, refusing to take it off. ha!)

  • I woke Cate up at 10:15 this morning. That's incredible, in case you were wondering.
  • I'm slowly-but-surely trying to convince the aforementioned little girl that at 2.5 years old, it's time to kick the paci habit. She's not buying it.
  • I'm working on lots of little changes round these parts- starting tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. with a get-in-the-Word-and-pray date with my husband. Have I ever mentioned that I like to sleep? and I don't like 6 a.m.? It'll be good though. I am excited about it.
  • We got a new, second double jogging stroller! We initiated it last week with a 16 minute (slow) run on the track. I LOVE that my husband will run with me...and I hate being so out of shape. :)
  •  Corban serenaded me this morning, singing "Happy Birthday" while holding a yellow sand bucket filled with grapes he picked off their vine, and a giant pretzel rod sticking out of it for the candle. It's not my birthday, but I loved it anyway.
  • We bust out of this house and played in the downpour in our front yard for an hour this morning. Nothing better than those giggles erupting from my kiddos...
  • Jordan was home for lunch and made homemade pizza covered with peppers and onions and mozzarella. Delish!
  • I'm reading One Thousand Gifts. It's a life-changing read.
  • My baby is approaching four months old. Someone- please! slow down the time:

I must actually accomplish things now... back to work (studying for tonight, editing, cleaning) I go!!
Happy rainy Monday!


  1. It's been a miserable spring so far with 21/25 rainy days for us here in April and lower than normal temperatures staying usually in the low 50s. We just had 2 glorious days though, so that'll get us thru.
    Nice to hear what's going on. Love the creativity and imaginations of your kiddos!

  2. I have missed you blogging. Thanks for posting!

  3. i don't know that no. 2 is an exaggeration! i am sure it has rained over 600 days!

    you make me smile. your honesty and sweet humor always puts a smile on my face. and little gimpses into your world is a little package with a pretty bow.

    happy tuesday.

  4. if it hasn't rained, it's snowed here.

    your family is lovely. ^_^ but you know that already. thanks for posting!


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