Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It was 80 degrees.
We went outside as soon as we got dressed.
We took a 20 minute walk-
big kids in the NEW double jogger, 
Nora riding in her favorite place... the sling.
I would've been content to walk much longer, but 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to eat an apple and raisins and ask Mama questions about heaven and Jesus and why we take walks.
We then got some gas station coffee...all four of us, the big kids holding hands and being told not to touch the 'beautiful fings' (aka the pink lighter at checkout-- per Cate).
In case you're wondering, it's no easy task to carry two coffees (one for my friend), a baby in the carseat, and to keep a 2 and 3 year old within arms reach simultaneously. You must be in a daring mood to attempt. Just a warning.
We play for hours at my dear friends' house who has three the same ages as my 3. 
We got to talk and drink coffee and worry about tanlines and sunscreen.
The kids mostly got along and Cate was exceptionally not nice... very unusual for her.
I may or may not have scrounged up change to sneak through a certain fast food chain for a certain beverage of choice that may or may not consist of 'diet' and 'coke'.
We came home and I laid the kiddos down for naps... all three.
That was about 45 minutes ago, and only one of them is sleeping.
I went up to address Cate's non-sleeping-ness, to find her WITHOUT CLOTHES (and diaper), and trying to pick the lock to Nora's room with the clippy that was in her hair.
I've removed everything with plugs and any sort of metal already. Who knew I even needed to check her head for potential lock pickers.
Now- her big brother snuck out and opened her door (which is child proofed from the inside), and they're giggling in Corban's room.
I'd been attempting to sew, but with the 19 trips I've had to make upstairs, and running out of thread, it's just not happening today.
Rain is quickly moving in, and I've got a photo session scheduled with one of my favorite families for this evening. I'm hoping the weather passes by then.
All of this to say- 
this weather has me SO looking forward to summer. 
I'm so ready for long days outside (like today) and suntan noses and water fights and sand castles.
Soon, my friends. Soon the forecast won't have 9 days of rain in the next ten, and maybe just maybe we'll have consecutive days with sunshine.
Won't that be grand?
Until then, I'll soak up these moments we do get.
And try to enforce naptime for the sake of us all.

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  1. Kristen, you must really like that gas station coffee to put yourself through that! Insane!


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