Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a big day!

 this guy....
is officially registered for preschool. 
Wasn't he just....this??
 ...and this?
 and not that long ago..this?
but now-
(above photo courtesy of kelly allen photography)
My boy.... is a boy. An almost-4-year-old, almost-school-going little boy.
It's nearly more than this mama heart can bear to think about. I remember like it was yesterday the day we found out we were expecting him, the day we found out 'it's a boy!', the day he (finally) entered this earth. I've barely gone to bed but a night or two since he started calling me Mama, taking steps, loving footballs.
But now...suddenly...
this boy dresses himself in the morning, pours his own juice. He carries my stuff and loves to help. He plays with his oldest younger sister and would do anything to take care of Nora James.
...and in just a few short months, he's off to school.
I've put off registering him, put off considering all of this for as long as I could, but as of today, he is officially registered, and will be attending the school that our church runs and that his Daddy works at.
It's hard and so sweet to watch your babies grow, huh? 
Anyway. Sigh.
More exciting news!!
This lady...
(above photo courtesy of kelly allen photography)
(That's ME, fyi.)
(and man, my husband is good looking!)
is now the possessor of a domain name!
Meaning... I'm so close to having a real (photography) website!! 
'Tis exciting.
we got family photos taken last week.
Kelly is an amazing photographer, and I love the images we've seen so far--
cannot wait to see the rest!
Jordan and I took several just the two of us... and I am really excited about those. We didn't do engagement pictures, barely have wedding photos, have so few shots of the two of us. So I'm pumped.
It was interesting to be on the other side of the camera, and fun to feel the anticipation of seeing the pictures. Gave me a fresh perspective on what I do.
I did an hour spin class at the gym this morning. Holy Moly.
I think that's enough excitement for one day.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. i was SURE after the break you were going to say, "this lady....is pregnant!" ;)

    but the website is good news too!!

  2. You are going to LOVE having your little guy at the school where his Daddy is. They are going to enjoy being there together. I remember that feeling all too well and sitting in and observing the K room at that school to try and decide where to register. We made a good decision.

  3. Holy camoly! I remember your little dude being a baby! That is when we "met" on Xanga! He was just a wee one! And now school already?!?! Wow! My sister is getting ready to have her first graduation with her preschoolers. Sniff, sniff. It is going to be so hard for her to see her first group of kiddos go off to kindergarten! You will be there so soon! Scary!

  4. ha ha. I thought you were going to announce another baby too. You tricked me! :)

    I know what you mean! I'm still putting off enrolling Elijah in pre-school. I have always wanted to homeschool him, so we started a Kindergarten curriculum the other day. We're going to go thru it this summer so he'll have a head start. I'll see how that goes and then decide if I want to keep going or put him in a private school. So hard to think about! I can't stand the thought of it. :(

    I'm excited for your website! so fun!

    Oh, and I adore the photos of you and Jordan. I saw them on her website the other day. So romantic and sweet.


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