Sunday, December 5, 2010

weekend review: picture post!

 We had TWO date nights this weekend. It was fantastic. :)
 Also- in case you have missed my last 900 posts, I'm now 36 weeks (and a few days) pregnant (and in serious need of windex, apparently):
 It snowed!
Cate did not like it...
 and Corban didn't want to come inside.
 We had our youth group Christmas dinner tonight at Logan's Roadhouse. 
These are my girls Maddie and Kristen. :)
 and this is my crazy husband. (I was playing with my new flash. I have LOTS to learn).
 and these are some of our BFF's, Brandon and Wendi.
They're wonderful.
And they are moving to St. Kitts.
And I don't even like to think about that...
But you should read their blog and pray for them as they leave in 8 short weeks!!

Let's be honest here.... 
You just don't love pictures of yourself when you're nearly 9 months pregnant (and up 30 lbs in weight).
But I do have beautiful friends, and one darn good looking husband.
I got my new camera battery charger and my new flash and it has felt so good to have my camera back in my hands. Weird how much I missed it with not having it for just one week. I really really really do love taking pictures.
Speaking of which- I had one of my all-time favorite sessions this weekend, too. A beautiful family (who are wonderful friends) in the snow... it was dreamy. I will definitely be posting some of those pictures here this week, too.
We're in full-swing holiday mode and the days are flying past with the busyness. I'll have a baby in my arms before I know it! We have our women's Christmas tea at church tomorrow night and I have a Girl's Night Out with my 'mommy group' friends Thursday night, and then a family Christmas on Saturday. Pretty much looks that way until Christmas! Whoa!
...and on that note, it's time for me to sleep...
or at least try.


  1. You look ADORABLE, Kristen! Seriously! You are so cute. And I cannot believe you are already 36 weeks pregnant!!! When did that happen?! I can't remember- did you ever decide on names?

  2. It might be weird to say it:
    but you are the hottest 9-month pregnant lady I've ever seen.
    When I was 36 weeks, as you may recall, I resembled a marshmallow. One of those giant ones. All puffed up, you know?

  3. cate and i share the same sentiments about snow. and the same expression, as well.

  4. I think you look beautiful 36 weeks pregnant...but I know what you mean about not liking pics of yourself this far along in pregnancy...we just got our family pics back and I love them except I am not too fond of myself in them...I feel like my face looks chubby in them! Oh well, my favorites are the ones just of Israel and Jeremiah!!


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