Tuesday, December 14, 2010

so they say...

"Hey Mom! I want the baby to pop out right now...
Well.... but maybe we could eat lunch first!"
and then shouts his sister from the seat in front of him,
 "Yeah, like pizza!"

 "Hey Mama, where my paci, you know?"
"I'm not sure, Cate, wherever you put it last."
"Um... I fink Baby Jesus took it."
(as she looks under the Christmas tree at our Fisher Price nativity scene.)

  Just in case you needed something to smile about today...


  1. LOVE it. I can't wait for Leon to really start talking - I can't wait for all the silly things he's going to say. Stay patient for that baby!

  2. I love reading about funny things kids say. Their minds are so creative!

    When I was pregnant w/Zeke Elijah would ask me almost daily if today was the day he could meet his brother. Finally I told him the baby would come when it was a very hot day (he was due in July). So one afternoon in June he came running to me shouting "Mom mom mom, guess what! My baby brother is coming today because it's a really hot day!" :)

  3. your children are adorable! they look like little dolls! cute blog :)


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