Tuesday, December 7, 2010

potty training/when the boys are away...

It was a big day in our house...
The last few days, Cate has been vetoing diapers. No, seriously. Won't keep them on. Cries when I put them on her, sneaks them off every time I turn around. This would be a problem, except... well, the girl WILL go potty on the potty.
Time to potty train, huh?
So today, instead of fighting her, I just put her in her panties from the moment she was up. 
And for three hours, she stayed dry
I took her potty twice and she went, and the third time, she took herself. As in, went into the bathroom, climbed on her little potty, came out yelling, "Yay, Cate! I potty!", and sure enough, she had.
I put her in a diaper to run errands and then for a nap. 
After nap (which she apparently removed the diaper before falling asleep, thus drenching all blankets in crib), I put her back in undies and she pretty quickly had an accident. I figured the morning was a fluke, so I just threw on a diaper and was calling it a day. (Reminder: kidney infection, 9 months pregnant)
Twenty minutes later, she tells me in a panic that she 'needs to potty on duh potty', so I tell her to go. She runs (literally) there, takes off her diaper and comes out hollering that she 'poot!'. Sure enough, she had. I put her back in panties, and lo and behold she stays dry and takes herself until going to bed at 8 p.m.
And I didn't take any pain medicine today, so this is reality, I'm not hallucinating.(that's a joke, btw. I mean, I didn't take pain medicine, but I wasn't taking anything strong enough to make me hallucinate).
Way to go, Baby Girl!!! I'm crossing my fingers that this is a trend that continues and maybe just maybe I'll have a potty trained not-even-2 year old before baby mcg #3 makes its appearance. Woooooo!!!
So... last week was chaos and the weekend was chaos and Jordan was gone a ton. We're majorly seeing it in Corban's behavior and he's desperately wanting Daddy (and Daddy is missing his fam, too!). Jordan had a meeting to plan a winter backpacking trip tonight and decided to tote Corban along. I decided Cate and I would soak up our girl time and celebrate her amazing day by making her first ever batch of cookies. She loved it. And I loved it. And I took lots of pictures, so here ya go:

 and after making cookies, we started 'washing dishes'...
 that is... until Cate decided dumping water was more fun. So then we learned how to clean the floor:
Finally, the cookies were done:
and then, my sweet baby Cate was ready for bed. 
 There's something so precious about having a daughter...
something- lots of somethings- so precious about our daughter.
I love so much who she is becoming- that fiery, sweet, tender, wild little personality she has.
I can't believe she's just weeks, maybe days away from being a big sister. I want to soak up the time we have left with her as our baby. 
Oh Cate Taylor... so sweet to be your Mama.
Off to really  wash dishes now.


  1. Kristen, she is soooo, so precious. She's absolutely, positively adorable! I just want to eat her up! I so hope I can meet all of you someday! I mean, surely we can make that happen since we only live 2 hours apart, right?!?! My cousin just moved to Indy actually, and my aunt and uncle are in the process of moving there, too!

    Now for a big, YAAAAAAAY Cate Taylor!!!!!! Woohoo! BIG GIRL! That is seriously amazing! I was the same way. I just decided I was done with diapers and was fully potty trained before 2 years of age. I hope she does the same. That'd be fabulous for you!

    The cookie making pictures are so precious. What treasured moments. I love it. You are such a good mommy. :)

  2. I cracked up.
    Yay, Cate! I potty!
    Praising herself. I love it.
    I am so looking forward to Adelaide being old enough to do these things...I love that I had a little girl.
    I hope you are feeling better, and I really enjoyed the story you told in photos.

  3. Kristen, I repeat that you have the cutest children on the face of the planet. Cate is ADORABLE, and your photography gets more beautiful every post.

    Good luck with Baby #3!

  4. YUM! Cookies! Want cookies! Glad that the two of you got to have some good quality mommy/daughter time.

    High fives for the potty training too. She's a smart {cute!} girl!

  5. What a beautiful day! That would be a huge treat to have Cate potty trained before baby #3!

    Ryk has behavior issues when daddy is gone a lot too, I am dealing with the same thing lately. Hoping that Corban and daddy time was the cure for this :).

    And hoping your kidney infection clears quickly.

  6. Cate is seriously so cute! And she must be bright too to be going to the potty already. I can't wait to have a little girl!

    I hope you feel pretty soon. Not feeling 100% isn't fun with little ones.

  7. cate...is amazing. i love that girl. and her mama. :)

  8. This post is so sweet! She is so big and it made me smile thinking about your time together! -love, Hope :)

  9. This is so sweet Kristen. And your new floor looks awesome!


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