Thursday, December 9, 2010

teensy scare

My appointment yesterday left me a little worried.
As I've mentioned, I go for weekly Biophysical Profiles (BPP's) to monitor my baby. The last month, I've noticed in these ultrasounds that my fluid levels have dropped. They weren't alarmed- said it happens as the baby grows. Yesterday, however, there was only fluid in 2 of the 4 pockets that they have to measure... my number indicating that there's very little fluid there. My ultrasound tech, Colleen, left me on the table while she brought the doctor in. My stomach was in knots and my thoughts were many. Obviously- I was concerned about what this meant for the baby, but the reality of 'I'm having a baby and it could be any time!' hit hard.
The doctor thought that there was more fluid there than the numbers were indicating,thankfully, though it was definitely decreased in amount. They're bringing me back in a few days to remeasure. The encouraging thing is that the baby looks fantastic- it got an 8 out of 8 on it's BPP, and then they checked a few extra things after realizing the low fluid, and everything looked perfect, as good as could be.
I hesitated on whether to even mention all of this... but I'd really appreciate it if you guys could just pray... Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for us, and that the baby would continue to look so good.
An amazing little tidbit- Colleen (the ultrasound tech) told me yesterday, before the fluid stuff, that it was amazing that I was there almost 37 weeks pregnant... because my blood clot at the beginning was the largest that she's seen. God has kept and protected this baby despite tremendous odds being against it. I'm resting in knowing that. :)
Now, today... I'm in cleaning mode. And then sewing mode. I've got to get things ready. Pressure is on. Wish me luck (and energy to do so!) :)


  1. Oh wow! Definitely praying!

  2. Whew! I can't imagine what your heart and mind were going through during all of that! So glad Baby is okay! I'll stop and say a prayer now!

  3. Will be praying!!

    What a miracle this baby is:) I know you have mentioned trouble finding a boy name so, What about the name Josiah if it is a boy, it means "the Lord saves", which seems so fitting for this little one!! I've always loved that name and the story of Josiah in the Bible!!

  4. kristen, so glad everything is going well! can't believe you're going to be a mother of three soon! :) i will definitely be praying...not only for the baby, but for lots of energy and great days for you as well!


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