Monday, December 6, 2010


alternately entitled:
third trimester kidney infections stink.

My day = miserable.
I was up every couple of hours for the third night in a row due to what appeared to be a UTI... I used to get them fairly regularly and could just flush 'em out with lots of liquid.
Not the case this time.
4 a.m. rolled around with a miserable pain and I was up for the day from then on.
I anxiously awaited 8 a.m. so I could call my doctor. They told me to come in, and quickly diagnosed me with a 'major infection'. I was sent over to get a kidney ultrasound to rule out stones and some other condition with a long name, and sent home with an antibiotic and a pill that's supposed to numb my insides.
Long story short, nothing did anything to alleviate any of my pain. I was just laying in my bed, just crying a good portion of the afternoon. Finally, I called the doctor back and we ended up deciding on some pain medicine. I laid in bed (still) for the next several hours, and then came and laid down on the floor and read books with my little boy. The pain medicine seemed to take the edge off, at least, and I'm really really glad for that. I don't know if I'd ever been in such lasting pain. 'Twas not fun.

Jacob, our housemate, was a lifesaver today. He watched the kids for me while I went to the doctor and then watched a movie with Corban after his nap while I tried to sleep myself. AND- he just went and got us all milkshakes. I don't know which of those three things I'm most thankful for... but this strawberry shake tastes a little like heaven must. :)

Lastly... my husband is playing video games and singing, "My name is Kimbo Slice and you all fear me." 
That's right, folks.
Always a reason to laugh over here. Even when it makes you feel like there's a knife being stuck into your right side when you do. Wouldn't want it any other way. :)


  1. Kimbo Slice.
    I cracked up.
    Sounds like something Brian would say.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Feel better! I take back my Twitter post...not that I wouldn't love cookies and a heating pad, but you sound about ten times worse than me!

  3. 1. Kimbo Slice is an actual name of a real person, though it does sound like something Jordan would make up. :)

    2. I would enjoy playing video games with your husband again sometime. Please inform him. :)


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