Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sweet 16

I had my first photo session with a 'big kid' on Sunday- and I ABSOLUTELY loved it. It helps that my subject was beautiful and like a sister to me- but still... I think I just may like this audience. A lot. Truthfully, I was nervous... a 16 year old doesn't find bubbles or jumping or silly voices all that amusing- but she's incredibly photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera, so we ended up with some great shots. :) And because I'm tired and ready for bed, but not wanting to entirely neglect my blog- today, you get pictures- and not even of my children!
And here's a few of Maddie with her Mom:
In case you're wondering- Maddie is as beautiful inside as she is out. She has a heart to follow closely after Jesus and lives to show that in everything she does. I am SO blessed to be a part of her life, so thankful that she just so 'happened' to go on that ski trip almost two years ago, so amazed at the young woman and leader she has become. 
Happy 16th Birthday, Maddie! I love you!

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  1. Beautiful pics Kristen! Teenagers are usually my favorite too. And it's especially nice when you get a good teen, as you described - beautiful from the inside out. Where did you shoot these?


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