Thursday, September 2, 2010

just kidding. there's more.

I know I concluded my last post (which was just posted, you know... 5 minutes ago) saying 'that's all I've got today', but I just hate to leave such a hard post on top. Look back, and you'll see... those sad ones are almost always quickly followed up. Anyway, that's not all I've got today. I am sad... this has been the hardest day I've had in a long, long, long time- but it's not all bad. Not at all.
You have no idea how grateful I am for pictures. Neither JD or myself liked the picture I posted below last year after I took it... but now? I want it framed. It's a treasure to me. Though it is a hard memory, I'm so thankful I have documentation of that memory, you know? Exactly what I was saying the other day, (or rather, Natalie Norton was saying)... all the motivation I need to be a photographer.
Speaking of which! I'm an assistant wedding photographer this weekend! Holy Moly! I'm really really REALLY nervous about it. And I'm just an assistant! ha! I think that's part of what makes me so nervous... I really respect and admire the photographer I'm shooting with- and I've never done ANYTHING like this. At all. I'm excited though... I hope this less-than-4-months-away-from-having-a-baby body will keep up all day.
I've got a pretty packed September and October ahead. Lots of sessions on the calendar. I'm really excited, and really, seriously!, love more and more every day being a 'photographer'.
My baby girl... she melts my heart. Sweet as they come, folks. She always wants to 'hold mama hand' and is usually pretty near my side- at my feet in the kitchen, on my lap in the couch... I love it. She LOVES being carried in the sling. Still. And is pretty much possessive about it. I put the sling on and got Corban out of the car first... she freaked out, yelling, "Cate ride!" over and over. (She always says she's riding with Mama when she's in it.) Makes me a wee bit nervous about this new addition. I think I'm going to have to get a different sling so she knows that one is the baby's. I also want to get one of the mini-slings for her to carry her baby dolls in. She would love that.
Corban is in AWANA. Seriously. My baby boy. In AWANA. A cubby. Where has the time gone? He did excellent last night, and had a blast. I am always nervous about how he'll do in a classroom like setting, sunday school, etc., but really- it's been a long time since he's gotten into any trouble. Makes this Mama proud. :) I may or may not have shed a few tears yesterday morning as he and Jordan were getting ready and I was laying in bed, thinking about how next year at this time he may be leaving with Jordan to head to school. Not so sure I'm ready for that. :)
Lastly, I made this for dinner (thankyouverymuch, Pioneer Woman)and it's in the croc pot smelling delicious, and I can't wait to eat it.
And- as soon as I get a spare minute or day (ha....haha...ha) I want to make this for my baby girl.
Umm... now that's really all.
Good day!


  1. i want to be the pioneer woman. i made one of her cakes once...for no reason, i might add, just to eat myself...and it was amazing.

    don't schedule any sessions for october 3!!!!


  2. I've got to get the boys slings made! They have their fabric picked out! It does make a difference!

  3. I want to get Elijah in AWANA.

    to answer your question... that blue thing in the pics is a blanket. it's one of those fuzzy soft ones. i think it came from target last winter. elijah can't sleep w/out it. :)


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