Monday, September 6, 2010

my house

looks like a baby store threw up everywhere.
Oh, how I wish I were exaggerating.
And that my camera weren't in sleeping Cate's room. I could prove it.
Really though- 4.5 years of baby clothes (the 3 years of Corban, 1.5 of Cate) sorted in keep and don't keep stacks in numerous room. Soon to be sorted in 'keep' stacks by size and 'don't keep' by size. And then put on hangers and tagged to sell at a local store. All before Saturday at midnight. My head hurts just thinking about it...
BUT- I really look forward to it being gone. A tremendous relief for me, really.
It's not silly that I'm ridding us of baby clothes right before a baby of unknown gender appears, by the way. You see, Corban was born in summertime. His little stuff is the wrong seasons. And his bigger stuff will be 4+ years old before the baby would need it anyway. And then with Cate, if I don't love it, it's gone. If it's bigger than 12 months, it's gone.There's just too much stuff and we won't need it all and I certainly don't want it taking up any more of our disappearing space.
Disappearing space?
Oh yes.
That's the other thing about my house right now.
I just eliminated 2.5 closets in one afternoon. I don't mean just empty contents of (which I did), but rather, tore out walls to make a new bedroom. Really! Again, I wish I had my camera to show you... Two and a half walk in closets are no more, and a bedroom nearly is. I'm giddy about it. We ran into a slight problem when we remembered that the floor of our bedroom (the half of closet part) is a foot taller than the rest of the upstairs. (Our room is split-level. And really cool... if it could ever stay clean. Just sayin'.) But my husband and our friend Jacob, who is currently also a housemate (and who will be occupying the new bedroom for now) came up with a genius solution that I'm so anxious to see in action.
Our labor day was labor-filled. And I'm tired. This weekend wore me out, I have tremendous circles under my eyes and enough work to last me until I'm 92, with these baby clothes and all. But...I WILL be really excited about all of this, once I sleep and once it's done instead of hanging over my head.
So there you go.
OH! One more thing... I read today that 72% of Mom's are only able to come up with names for the gender of baby they're having. If that's true... this baby is a g.i.r.l. :) I'm aching to know, going through all these little bitty clothes, blankets, shoes... but we'll keep holding out. I might have to bring a blind fold to my 24 week appointment this week... but I really want to wait it out. Mostly. Sort of, at least. :) Remind me again why I'm waiting...???
Ha. Okay. Goodnight.


  1. wow! that sounds like a big project! good luck. cant wait to see pics of the finished product.

  2. I could only think of boy names with our first...girl. Could only think of girl names with our last...boy. I never was one to go with the flow, though:)

    Good luck with the remodel and get some rest!


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