Thursday, September 23, 2010

26 weeks!

So I just realized that next weekend is October 2nd. And I panicked. And then- I realized that October 1st puts me 3 months out from my due date. Yikes. And then I thought about how the next 6 weeks are jam packed and crazy... and once they're over- I'm only 6 weeks away from giving birth to a BABY.
Like... I'm about to be a mother to THREE.
That's a big number! Especially when your oldest is just going to be 3.5 years old!
I can't wait, though. I really have loved this pregnancy, love feeling this little one squirm all around, loved wondering who this baby is. As crazy as it makes me feel some days, there really is an excitement different than before from not knowing the gender. Can you imagine how amazing that moment will be when Jordan announces, "It's a........!"?? I find myself daydreaming about that often. I would feel a whole lot better about things if we could somewhat agree on a boy name, but nope. I'm pretty close to revoking Jordan's veto power, really. Just kidding... but I've come up with some pretty good lists just for him to shoot them all down. I know we'll settle on something or something will jump out one day- I just wish it would be soon. :)
Ummm.... what else? It's 95 degrees today. That's hot. Especially for it being the first day of fall and nearly October. But come Saturday, our 10 day forecast looks just about perfect- highs in the low 70s. I can't wait!
You probably won't hear much from me the next 6 weeks. I've got a LOT of photo sessions that I'm trying to get in before being too big to jump around and squat and run and before it turns snowy here (let's not even think about that, though), making my free time very little. I've set some lofty goals and am really hoping to save enough to get my new camera before my little hiatus... and help fund a vacation the second week of November. We'll see how it all goes. :)
How about some pictures? First, here's that belly that's rapidly expanding with child:
Mmhmm. I'm really terrible at self portraits. Ha! It took about 20 tries to even get myself IN the picture. But there it is, 26 weeks along. Don't you wonder who is in there??! Any guesses? Boy? or Girl? 

And now, to my sweet babies:
So serious... and so curly! The one thing I'll miss about humid summer weather... Cate's ringlets :)
They really play VERY well together- and really miss eachother if they're apart. I love that. :)  
He loves to run. Just like his Mama. :)

Okay... well, I better make dinner.
Happy almost weekend!


  1. Kristen, I spent a LOT of time day dreaming about the moment when Mike would say "It's a....!" too. I think it's wonderful that you are not finding out! There is just something fun about that. Enjoy the next 3 months!!

  2. 1. i'm glad you are going to give birth to a BABY and not anything else.
    2. have you ever seen that episode of friends where ross and rachel try and find a baby name and they give each other 5 veto's and after they keep saying "veto" over and over again, phoebe says, "veto is really starting to grow on me" or something like that. ask brandon, he'll know, either way, it's funny and maybe you could name the baby veto.
    3. cate and her long curls are precious.
    4. the picture of corban running towards me...or whoever is looking at the picture...makes me smile. a lot.

    that is all.

  3. your belly pictures are artistic ;-)--actually I really do like them.

    also, what a lucky little family you have to have such a lovely and loving mamma like you.


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