Monday, November 30, 2009

10 minute scramble

No, really.
That's the amount of time I have to post. I'm trying out this new 'be discplined and manage time' stuff and that's what I have remaining of my (first) free time.
We got through Thanksgiving. Survived. Managed to keep it together most of the day. I seemed to miss JD every minute of it though... Today has been even harder for me, I think just realizing that we DID get through it... that life is continuing on, while I'd give anything to rewind and pause for a bit. So it goes, I guess.
I've begun Christmas decorating and have had Christmas songs playing all day! I love the holidays!
My little boy... he's really growing up. We had our first out-and-about adventure in undies, were gone 4 hours, and remained accident free! Woo! He's so tenderhearted at moments... I really am enjoying the little boy he is becoming. My Cate...she is walking! Says 'Wow!' as she points to everything all day long. Scrunches her nose and gives me a big toothless grin that melts my heart. I absolutely love being Mama. I truly do.
I planned my schedule for the week, planned two weeks worth of menus and shopped accordingly. It's incredible how good it felt to do. A definite sense of accomplishment- which is a tremendous improvement on the pure defeat I've felt the last month.
My big brother is almost 30! His birthday was Saturday and we had fun celebrating at my parents house with lots of family and friends. We kept our usual tradition of Black Friday shopping and I look forward to next year already! We ran a 5K road race on Thanksgiving morning, where my plan of action was to start in the back and run slow. For once- my goal was accomplished! And to boot, I had a blast AND won a Dutch Apple Pie.
The weekend was really good. I'd love to say more, but... my timer is dinging. Time to stop! Off to work!
PS- I'll be back with pictures after some cleaning. :)


  1. Wow! I feel like I just exercised reading your post! Congrats Corban!

  2. I can't believe Corban is doing so well with potty training! Good for you (and him)! Elijah still wants nothing to do with it. :(

  3. I'm so excited that cate's walking!

  4. good luck on your time management!

    what's your favorite meal to make? (for your future "reader's questions answered" post)



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