Friday, November 13, 2009

Feedback Friday!!

Here's what happened last time you gave your feedback:

My living room turned blue/green!
And I need your opinions again.
This time, however, it doesn't involve a paint color. I'm grounding myself from paint rollers until my 'problem' gets under control.
What 'problem' you ask?
My lack-of-organization/piles-everywhere/clutter/mess/ahhhhhh!!! taking over my house.
That problem.
Really, a lot of my upstairs mess has to do with two kids who sleep in the rooms I need to clean. But also really, anyone who knows me knows that organization is far from on the top of my character qualities chart. It is not something that comes natural to me. But also opposing my natural inclinations is the ability to live in a constant pig sty. That's why I need your help!

I want to know your best and most helpful cleaning/organizing tips.
Give 'em to me! Let me try them out! Save my sanity! Be a friend!
Okay, I'll stop. But seriously... I've got to start somewhere. That's the issue. I'm overwhelmed and have SO much that needs done. But I want to do things right, declutter, reorganize, get practical. I don't want it to just look good for a minute. That only lasts a minute around here, you know? So, let me have it.

***And also- part 2!
It's been pretty serious round these parts lately. Let's liven things up a bit!! Got anything you've been wanting to know about me? What my favorite food is? What color my bedspread is? Where I keep my silverware? Anything you want to see a picture of?? Lord knows, I'll take a picture! I'll do a post this week answering any questions asked and posting requested pictures. Have fun with it! Make my day! Come on!!
Back to laundry I go....


  1. I'm working on commenting more often... so here goes...
    I reeeealy like your new wall color! I have NO blue in my house except A's room -but we have a blue bedspread picked out for our bed! It's my start at bringing more blue in. (right now we have no bedspread, just a blanket) What color is yours? Do you keep your silverware somewhere besides a drawers?? YES post more pictures!! 3 yrs ago I started taking a picture a day for my everydayphoto site at photoblog... you should do that too!!!! you don't have to post every day -life gets busy. But it's SO fun to go back and look at the random stuff I took pics of before I had kids and just all the pics! it's a good photo-diary of life. (this is turning into a LONG comment!) What is your favorite food and 2nd favorite? Have you thought any more about joining the co-op? You should join our HF it's an awesome one! Brian is a great teacher and leader!! We always have good times and good food! Hope you're laundry is going fast! (I should clean on Fri nights too! what a good idea!) I'm off to watch a movie and try to tackle the mountain to be filed.

  2. I have bins (colored for each kid) and we just throw toys and such in those. When I say "bin" I guess I mean those huge tubs that have the rope handles. Anyway, each kid (if they are old enough) knows what color their tub is and puts their toys in there. For the most part it works. I do go through them about once a month. Getting rid of the broken, unused stuff and then sorting their toys back out.

    Part 2... How did your husband ask you to marry him? Are y'all through having kids? What's your favorite room in your house and why?

    Look forward to your feedback!

  3. Well for starters I love that there's a tiny lizard on the floor in front of the mirror, that there is a football beside you on the couch, and that you're holding a very FUN new camera!!

    I'm really into baskets to keep things in order. Elijah's room has a plain open book case filled with little colorful baskets from the dollar store. Each one is for a diff thing: cars, blocks, balls, animals, etc. Then downstairs we have a rack w/colored bins w/the same concept. (it came from target - i bet you've seen then) This keeps toys from ending up everywhere (sort of). If you have a lot of clutter/ little stuff sitting around I find it helpful to put up shelves and bookcases. You can store things up out of the way. I found a lot of my cute baskets cheap at the pier 1 clearance store on washington st when it was still there. I d/k if they moved it or what? I'm not much for advise b/c my house is in a constant state of disorder no matter how much I pick up. Good luck.

    p.s. I LOVE the paint color!!!!

  4. Yeah, I ditto the question about how you and Jordan decided to get married...

    I don't know about the organization stuff. You could checkout or read Emily Barnes' book on organization. It helped me to talk with another believing mom who seemed to have the gift of organization in the home. Her insights were very helpful...and freeing because I was reminded that we all have unique giftings and that I should only live by the standards the Lord holds me to, not the ones I impose on myself. And, I make a regular habit of doing SERIOUS purging...which is what i'm headed to do now lol!

  5. I wanna come organize for you! I LOVE doing that! (Yes, I'm a dork.) My best advice is to check out Ikea. They have TONS of organizational tools like baskets, bins, toy organizers, etc, and for cheap!!! Good luck!

  6. First of all, I'm SUPER jealous of your new camera! Second, I'm excited to hear all the organization advice you get, I could use it myself :)

  7. I want to see pictures of your house! I love that stuff!

    Organization wise...
    I like baskets for things. I just try to make everything have a place and make sure that Todd knows that. =)

    Cleaning wise...
    I'm not doing this right now due to my Evan not letting me put him down during the day, but someday... I picked a day and cleaned one thing. Like Mon. I dusted, Tues. I swept the floors, Wed, bathrooms. That way everything was clean by the end of te week and I didn't feel like I was being overwhelmed by anything. It was good, the only con was I felt like the house was never fully clean.

  8. P.S. What color is your bedspread? =)

  9. Hi Kristen! I love reading your blesses my heart.

    As far as organization goes I just wrote on my blog about organization a month or so ago, you could check out how I have decided to do
    The secret is sticking to it AND LOTS of lists!

    Phil Wickham was amazing last night...huh!?


  10. I love Serah's approach. A good friend of mine does something similar, and I've tried it, and when I stick to it, it's great. I did things like schedule one day a week to return library books (if I had any), on a day when I would be right by the library for something else with my kids. And then pick up/drop off dry cleaning on the day I had to drop someone at the Park 'n' Rec. Etc. It helps, because if I don't have it on a list, time gets away from me and (for example) my books are three weeks overdue and it seems like they were just due yesterday!

    I also read a wonderful book called It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. He talks about how physical clutter contributes to emotional clutter, and about how each room (or space) within a home should have a designated purpose. Anything not contributing to that purpose should be moved/eliminated. Then, once a room is organized and decluttered, you have to remove something of the same size/kind when you bring something new in. Buy a new sweater, get rid of an old one. (Keep a Goodwill basket in your closet for everything that doesn't look good or doesn't fit.) If you buy a book, get rid of another one (unless you have unlimited shelf space). We moved into this house two years ago and I started that way, but it's gotten away from me again. I feel so much better -- less burdened, more free -- when I can stick to those systems. They really help. I just need to work on my discipline... in all areas (food, prayer, writing, cleaning). I refuse to let the enormity of that task overwhelm me! :-)

  11. Are you kidding me? You didn't inherit your mother's wonderful organizational skills? Pig sty - where did that word come from? I don't know - I think it was perhaps thrown out there a time or two on Old Waynetown road regarding the first room on the right at the top of the stairs! I'm proud of what you CAN get done... Your precious children consume your time - as they should. You'll get there. It looked nice when I was there this weekend.... Lately with my struggles - I've just hit it one room at a time. Set a goal - work hard to obtain it. We all know how great you are at setting and obtaining goals. As I am taking it one DAY a a time, you my dear - just take it one room at a time.... Then it's time to start all over! :) I love you dearly...... Mom

  12. I have kids toys in "stations" w/ plastic toy bins that stack. We actually have too many toys and if they are all out they overwhelm the play time, so we rotate them. By having the toy stations the kids keep things organized by themselves and I don't usually have to touch it...even Avery can do it! There are toy station rules I could share w/ you if you are interested. I don't know if you need organization help w/ anything else besides toys, but I enjoy, yes I said enjoy, ORGANIZING! I'm anal about it!!! :P Bet you'd never guess that, huh? LOL! I would be happy to come look at your house and give my suggestions w/ the stuff/areas you need help with.

    Part #2...why are your kids named Corbin and Cate? What is your main spiritual battle? How did you come to know Jesus? What is your biggest pet peeve? What is your favorite thing about Jordan, Corbin and Cate...pic only one!? What do you dream about? Where would you like to go in this world if you could travel anywhere and money or time would not constrain you? Okay, I could think of more, but I will be done for now...wait one more, what is your favorite thing to eat?

  13. love love love the paint color. very much like my room at the condo. one of my two houses right now...

    they have those units that are like squares and you can put the fabric cubes in them, they make pastels and primary colors and they would work great in both kids rooms and i'm sure they have neutrals that would work in the living room as well. to at least stash stuff in. :)

    as far as what do i want to know...when did you know jordan was the one? i know it was a looong time ago-just wondered if you remembered the moment. :)

  14. and how did you make your super cute page header/banner thing? I can't figure out how to make one!


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