Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm fickle

Don't believe me?
Let me tell you... in 18 months, my kitchen has been 4 colors. My hallway is on it's second shade. The fireplace room? I got half way done painting it this weekend, and decided it wasn't exactly right, so redid it all. We completed the entry way and I don't like it, and will be getting the new materials for it tomorrow (don't worry- they're free).
Aren't you glad I'm not your wife? :)
I'm pretty much really thankful to have a husband who doesn't mind too much. And in my defense, I've mostly used leftover paint in my mind changing- I haven't cost us too much money.
We spent 2.5 hours at the splash pad today, and it was glorious. Corban had a blast and was so good... and then when he was done, he crawled up into the stroller and told me he was ready, so we went on home. Speaking of Corban, he turns 2 tomorrow. I don't really think I'm okay with it. 2 years have past already??? What?! I've got to admit, as 'terrible' as the twos supposedly are, I'm loving it. Sure, we have our moments (or days or weeks...), but I think I say multiple times a day how much I love being his Mama. It just gets better and better. But I'll stop there - weepy post tomorrow, I'm sure.
Jordan has the day off tomorrow, and his brother and his gf are coming up to celebrate with us. Not sure what's on the agenda, as it's supposed to storm, so we'll see.
We have a mouse in our kitchen. Gross.
I hear stomping above my head... but Corban's only napped for an hour. What's a Mom to do?! That's not anywhere close to enough of a nap- especially after running around the water and sun all morning. My guess is a poopy diaper woke him up... I should go find out!! Adios!

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