Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a bullet update

  • I'm watching some ridiculously cheesy cartoon on Noggin at my parents house with Corban, while he eats fruit loops and I drink coffee. Talk about indulgent. Ha!

  • No Doubt about it.. hahaha... I met Gwen Stefani on Friday! See:

        • Corban now has TWO pairs of fitting shoes.
        • The second pair, Chuck Taylors, took lots of convincing to even try on. And he wanted them off... until I told him that Uncle JD would love them. Oh, the power of suggestion (or manipulation...).
        • On the subject of Corban's shoes... he didn't sleep in his Crocs last night!
        • I'm really worried that my milk is drying up. And I'm worried about Cate not gaining weight. And I'm tired of nursing every two hours (at least) during the day, but thankful for 10 hour breaks at night time.
        • Cate is now eating 'food' twice a day, and I'm going to start 3x a day tomorrow. So far she's had avacado, banana, prunes, and sweet potato. She'll be trying squash soon! I've MADE all of her food, except for one jar of prunes. I feel good about doing it... not to mention, it saves me lots of $$!
        • I'm going to IKEA tomorrow.
        • And the Gap Clearance store.
        • I have sold several things and set the money aside specifically for this trip. I'm really excited about it!
        • Jordan is at youth camp, and I'll be joining him (with Cate) tomorrow.
        • I got two pairs of jeans that retail for $163/pair for $1 each at a garage sale. Also got 2 Ikea end tables for $3 each. Heck yeah!
        • My little brother is currently drinking his 'salt water' shot. Yuck! Poor guy!
        • Jordan is doing a triathlon on Saturday. I'm pretty much backing out of my commitment. .. my lack-o-training would make it not much fun.
        • I picked two zucchini, a squash, a pepper, and romaine from our garden. I LOVE doing this!
        • I REALLY REALLY want to chop my hair off, but every one is advising me against it. What do you think? (BTW, I've cut my hair off numerous times... I like having it short, but get bored with it and grow it out... then get bored and chop it off again. I'm at the BORED stage, and wanting a change).
        • My 4 year wedding anniversary is a month from yesterday. Has it really been 4 years already? We found out about this place, a beautiful cabin on a pond in rural Indiana, that's purpose is to serve people in ministry... completely free of charge! I think we're going to go over night to celebrate.
        • My son is being a bear... didn't get his nap out.. so I'm off to take care of him!


        1. Cut your hair. It's your head and it will grow back soon enough. No sense letting it hold you back or make you feel bored.

          I agree-- IKEA rocks!

        2. I do the same thing with my hair.. grow it.. cut it.. grow it.. cut it. I hate having the same style day after day.

          About your milk drying up.. fresh oatmeal (not instant) can help bump up your supply as will as fenugreek (herbal supplement). I did fenugreek with my last after I was hospitalized and couldn't nurse him regularly. Took it 3 times a day and it upped my supply in about a day or two. The side effect is you smell like maple syrup... but at least you have lots of milk!! ;o)

        3. - lucky you getting to meet Gwen Stefani!!
          - Elijah wants to wear his crocks 24/7 also. Too bad they are camo colored so they don't exactly go with his church outfits.
          - I've heard that beer (or the yeast in it) helps boost your milk supply. (but YUCK!) I've also heard that once the child gets older if you are feeding too frequently it can actually be counter-productive... exausting the body rather than creating more demand/supply.
          - Good for you making the babyfood. I did that too and it saved tons of $.
          - I'm jealous of your good deals. What a bargain shopper!
          - Zucchini = Y.U.M.
          - I say go for the haircut. It will always grow back. A summer chop-off feels great.
          - Happy 4 years. We'll have our TENTH on Aug. 14th. Can you believe that?? Crazy! Wait... do we have the same anniversary? That would be funny.

        4. Cut your hair if you want to. it will grow! how was ikea? Crocs are a big thing in our house! Corban sleeps in them? cute! have you gotten your sewing machine yet? how is your milk? have you tried mother's milk tea? i have some if you need it.


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