Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just wanted to update real quick and say that JD is home from the hospital, had excellent news at an appointment yesterday, survived another round of chemo, and saw a big raise in his sodium levels. It was nice to get good news yesterday!

In other news, my kiddos continue to grow too fast. Cate is really getting the hang of this crawling thing, and inches her way across the room. She can inch to her paci, pick it up, and correctly put it in her mouth. Impressive, huh? :) She's almost close to sitting up, but she still bends in half- haha. If she could sit, she could go from crawling position to sitting... she tries to, but ends up falling backwards! She's SO smiley, loves to watch everything Corban does, and if Mama is within her line of vision, she demands that I hold her. She sleeps through the night, and will lay down awake, fuss for a minute, and fall asleep. I feel like she's finally on a fairly consistant routine, which makes me feel less crazy. She's so sweet though, and at a really fun stage. She gets so excited!
Corban.. what a boy! I cannot get over how much of a little boy he's become. He talks, talks, talks. And is so funny. Here is a conversation we had last week:
C: Mommy, I huuuuungy.
M: What do you want to eat?
C: (blank stare. blinks.)
M: Do you want some cereal?
C: mmmmm.... no!
M: Well, what do you want then?
C: mmmmm.... I wan a knuckle samich. (laughs hysterically)
M: (Laughs hysterically)
He knows he's funny, and says and does things to be funny. I love it. I see so much of his daddy in him! He's (still) very physical and impulsive, very rough and tumble, but we're working on it. I wouldn't say it's more controlled yet, but he recognizes pretty quickly when he's done wrong and is quick to kiss and say sorry. So we're making progress. :) He really does have a sweet heart though. He LOVES his little sister. EVery morning when I bring her downstairs, he crawls up next to her while I change her diaper, kisses her on the forehead, and says 'Hi,Cate!'. He calls her 'Caters' sometimes, too. He is very prottective of her... tells strangers 'NO! My Cate!' when they try and talk to her in the stroller. He still loves sports of every kind and can identify pretty much any piece of equipment and place it to it's proper sport (including: baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, tennis, soccer, skateboarding). He loves the water too, now that he's gotten used to it. In fact, he slept in his 'nemo simming' (trunks) in anticipation of playing in our wading pool today. I hope the weather cooperates!
He's SO interested in going potty... anytime ANYONE goes to the bathroom, he insists he has to too. So I put him in the potty and he's 'done' in two seconds. He has yet to actually pee on the potty, but I'm alright with that. We'll get there. We're going to be out of town all week next week, and him away from us Wednesday through Friday, so I plan on being more consistant with it when we get back. And his 2nd birthday is JUST around the corner! Can you believe that?! Less than three weeks away...
He's cracking me up right now. He's playing with the iPod touch, there's thist animal application, and it has pictures of animals, and you touch the picture and it says what noise they make. Anyway, he keeps choosing the bee, and trying to 'sting' me with it. He thinks it's hilarios.Alright. I'm done now. Cate just went down for her morning nap, and Corban is ready to go water the garden, so off we go!


  1. It sounds like our boys are so similar. I'm sure they'd be friends if they ever met. :) I can't believe we're less than a month away from the big 2 birthday too! I just got used to having a one-year-old. It went too fast!

  2. I sure like your Corban and Cait. And I'm really greatful for your family. You guys really helped to keep our trip peaceful and grand.

    also. We stole your car keys, and your harmonica. So if you would be so kind as to send me your address, I would greatly appreciate it. ;-)


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