Monday, October 27, 2008

talk about productivity!

I finally got some things done that have been hanging over my head, though I still have a list a mile long of things to do before Baby Girl comes... this was a good start.
Today I:
  • Cleaned out Corban's dresser
  • Sorted too small clothes, too big clothes, current clothes, PJ's, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc.
  • Drug the massive tote of baby clothes from the guest bedroom to my room
  • Sorted by sleeper, onesies, outfits, etc.
  • Pulled out all gender-neutral items, and all white onesies and socks
  • Taped off the shower, vanity, etc. in the bathroom

and, drum roll please...

  • I finally primed my bathroom. Painting soon to follow... hopefully tonight, if the current coat dries in time, and if I make it awake past 7:30.

I realized a few things while doing these things though. One, my son has/had a tremendous amount of clothes. There were way too many newborn or 0-3 months items that still had tags on them, or that I had no recollection of him ever wearing. Two, Corban has a good amount of 24 month and 2T winter clothes. This would be fabulous, if he didn't wear a size 12 months. And three, I hate primer. It stinks, it's sticky, and it's stuck all over my hands, clothes, watch, etc.

We have company coming tomorrow, and while I made good headway today, there's a lot to be done before it's guest-worthy! But my son is refusing an afternoon nap (due to a late morning nap- two days in a row... I fear an end of 2 naps is around the corner....). So I'm out!

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  1. We too, are numbering our days with regard to having 2 naps. Most days he either takes a late morning one or an early afternoon one, but not both. This cuts down significantly on the chores I can do in a day.
    Good luck with all the sorting. I started doing the same thing this weekend and am sad to find some things Elijah has never worn which he will have out grown by next spring. :( Oh well, I'm hoping when we have baby #2 it will be a boy too.
    You have been very productive and I'm impressed.
    Also, the new background is very pretty.


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