Monday, October 20, 2008

Name That... Baby? and other ramblings...

We had a very busy day, and I cannot believe it's already after 4!! We left the house about 9 this morning to go to the doctor (routine OB), and then went on to Whole Foods Market, Carters, and Super Target for mostly groceries. I'm a little peeved because, well, I'm a new coupon clipper. I looked online last night, printed some coupons off, clipped ones from the paper, etc. I took the time to dig out the coupons as I selected the items today at ST, had them grouped together, ready to give to the cashier. She was all frazzled because she was an express lane, but another employee had told me to go down her isle because there was no one in line. So I did. Next thing you know, there's 4 people behind me, understandably annoyed at my cartfull of groceries and stack of coupons. She rushes around and sends me on my way. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that she slighted me $5 worth of my coupons! I know, it's just five dollars- but come on! That's $5 that should still be in my pocket. I will look more carefully before I leave the store next time, that's for sure.

My appointment went well this morning. Nothing new to report, really. I did the nasty glucose test today and could barely finish the drink. Yuck. My last three appointments I haven't seen the Nurse Practitioner that I usually see, who was the main reason I returned back to that same doctors office. I'm going to call her tomorrow and ask if she'll be seeing me anymore, or if I'm just going to have that other lady, who, quite honestly, I'm not that fond of. We'll see from there, I guess. I'm going every two weeks already, and then a month from now I start the weekly biophysical profiles. There hasn't been any indication at this point that there's anything to be worried about with the baby's heart, but they like to monitor the baby closesly at the end because of my heart condition.

Anyway- we got a really great profile shot of Baby Girl McG today, as you can see. The Ultrasound Tech tried to get a 3-D shot, but she (baby girl) had already covered her face back up with her hands. At one point during the ultrasound, she had a hand AND a foot covering her face. Silly girl. :) Silly, nameless girl. sigh. I wish we could figure out a name! We have less than 3 months to figure it out... and I think I've read every book on the market and looked at every website under the sun three times. Ah, well, it'll happen. We'll find one. Or at worst, settle on one when she gets here.

Here are names that have been on, but exed off of 'the list', to give you an idea of the style that we like:


Anyone have any great suggestions? Names you considered using? Names you like but can't use because you know someone named it, or who is going to use it, etc? If I don't know you in real life, or see you less than once a year, names you used? I'm desperate! :) Even if you don't have a name to offer me, at least say hello if you stopped by and read this. I'm still learning the ropes of this blogger business, and have no idea how to see if anyone is reading this other than by comments and those who are 'followers'. So- comment away. Oh- and thanks in advance for suggestions.


  1. I know I have already made a suggestion, but I'll make some more. :) I LOVE the name Hadley, and my cousin's baby is named cute! If baby J was a girl, we would have named her Jory Lynn and a close 2nd was Gracyn Claire. Good luck! I know y'all will pick something cute!

  2. I've been subscribing to your blog for a couple of weeks now.

    Oliver was going to be Ada if he was a girl; I guess I like vowel names! I already suggested Ada to Steph but she said A has an Ada I gotta think of something else for bebe LeB. When I'm trying to figure out how to do something, I like to think of how I want it to *feel*-- what kind of feelings do you want this name to invoke? Just a thought!

    Keep writing! And bummer about the coupons. $5 is a lot!

  3. If it helps, Daniel was a no namer until he popped out! I was secretly "calling" him Daniel from 6 months gestation, but no one else knew,I just knew in my heart that was who he was! If you like a certain meaning, try searching for it and finding something you like that way! We did that with Kairi(Ky-ree) which I guess means melody in french. We also did this with her middle name(Rain) I wanted something to do with rain for her middle name, but couldn't find anything good so Rain it ended up being!
    I like hearing about how you guys are, so keep blogging!

  4. thanks, guys. I do love the name Hadley also, but my brother and sister-in-law want to use it one day, and Jordan doesn't share the same love for it. :) Ada is one I currently have on my working list, but I don't know if I like the flow of it with our last name, pronounced McGay. Ahh... such a hard thing, to name a child!

    Keep the ideas coming!

  5. i really love the name tess or tessa. it kind of fits with your simple but somewhat more unique names.

    heather blanch

  6. If Elijah was a girl his name would have been one of the following: Sophia, Lydia, Savannah, or Ella. (I guess I like names that end in a sounds.)
    Good luck! We didn't decide on a middle name until about 2 hours before we had E. So, you have plenty of time. [wink]
    Also, I read your xanga and will be praying for you and the anxiety you've been feeling. No matter what, God is good, in control, and loves you and your babies. :)

  7. I've been trying to keep up with your blog over here too. So many of my friends have a blogger account, so I think I'm going to start one simply to keep up with everyone over here, too. Or at least that's the plan. I have no clue how this works, so we'll see what happens. Lol.

    And I already suggested a bunch of names on your Xanga, so I'll save you the pain of having to read through my monstrous list again. :)


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