Monday, October 6, 2008

A busy week was followed by an even busier weekend... and I'm glad to be just relaxing today.
I had an OB appointment this morning, and all is well. Baby Girl McG is even more active in utero then her big brother was (uh oh), but it's reassuring to feel her flip-flopping around in there. I didn't have an ultrasound today, but we listened to her heartrate with a fetal monitor. Everything seems great!
I wish someone would've taken a picture of me walking into the dr's office though. Picture this: 6 month pregnant Mom without a stroller trying to be smart puts 14 month son in sling. Picks up overflowing diaper bag while said son is whining, bends down to pick up purse, drops diaper bag in process. Shoves paci in screaming sons mouth. Son throws paci. Pregnant Mom attempts to readjust and try again. Finally realizes the cause of sons fussing....

the football.

Or as Corban says, "booball". I'm talking NLF sized, Nike football. Yes, the one that's as big as his body. We suddenly can't leave home, and apparently the van, without it. So once again, picture 6 month pregnant Mom carrying overflowing diaper big and purse, with 14 month old son in the sling resting on her stomach which is now a shelf, with a giant football separating their two faces. Corban and I both were leaning at 45degree angles just to keep the ball up there between us. And he thought it was hysterical. And it was. Oh, what a boy.
Speaking of Corban (haha), my son has become that boy. You know.. the mean one. I'm crossing my fingers that it was a one time deal, and that it was because he was tired and didn't feel well... but he was mean to the kids in the toddler room at church on Sunday. Tackling and pinching, pushing, etc. He was running a fever all day yesterday, slept lots, and slept 13 hours at night, so I know that he really wasn't feeling good. But what's a Mom to do?! He usually isn't mean. Quite the opposite, really. But- He really is very very very very strong willed. I could give examples, tons of them, of that stubbornness, but I'll spare you for now. It just makes me anxious thinking about it. Strong willed can be good if it's channelled for the right things. I'm praying for wisdom and direction on how to do that...
Anyway, I just finished my daily bowl of popcorn, and I have a stack of fresh-from-the-library books that I am soo looking forward to reading, so off I go. Oh- one more thing though- I don't know many details at this point, but my Granddaddy was taken by ambulance to the hospital today, and is now being moved to the Heart Hospital here in Indy, and is having a heart cath done tomorrow.. if you think about it, please pray for him, and for my grandma and our family.


  1. i think it is so cute that Corban insist's on carrying the football :-)

  2. You are such a funny story-teller. I always laugh when I read your Corban anticdotes. :-)

  3. wait, is that how you spell anticdotes? I'm not so sure...

  4. That is quite the mental image! I wish you had a picture or video of that. You described it oh-so-well. :)



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