Sunday, October 26, 2008


It's Sunday after church... Jordan is still at church (for second service, and then clean up), and Corban is sound asleep for his morning nap. I've got all kinds of things I could be doing, but I'm going to enjoy a few quiet moments to myself.

I am seriously craving some Hint of Lime tortilla chips. With roasted red pepper hummus. Mmmmm. A snack straight from heaven, in my opinion. :) We flew through a bag this week- I had forgotten how yummy they were. And now I want more. A Kroger trip may be necessary this afternoon...

Hmmm... what else? Our trip to PA was w o n d e r f u l. I started to write two posts about it, with pictures and everything, but something happened both times. So I said forget it. Some highlights include: seeing Brandon and Holly (duh), shopping, going to Lake Erie, going to an orchard/festival thing, playing some crazy games of Apples to Apples, yummy food, touring Lake Erie College Of Medicine (where Holly is in her second year of med school), and the awesome, awesome chocolate shop. We had a great time just hanging out, and look forward to the next few months with visits from Brandon and Holly.

I did some serious bathroom cleaning this week. I'm hoping to prime the walls today, and get them painted tomorrow. Then all that remains will be Jordan laying the floor, installing the light fixture, sink head, and shower head. And then our bathroom will no longer have peach walls, choo choo train border and red-white-blue shag carpet(!!!). It will be a glorious day. I have until next Saturday (6 days!!) to finish cleaning out our guest bedroom. This wouldn't be such a huge task if, well, the floor wasn't completely covered with stuff, boxes, clothes, etc. and if I didn't have to go through the ginormous tub of baby clothes to pull out all of the white onesies and gender neutral things. Once the room is clean, we will then paint, and eventually put in Corban's big boy bed. And then start the process of turning his old room into a nursery for Baby Girl. I really am looking forward to having these things done, as it will mean the bulk of our house remodeling is finished. It's just little things from there... like painting trim, touching up paint, putting on the new doorknobs, etc. We are installing our NEW WINDOWS on November 1st, thus the reason for my deadline. I mean, it'd be helpful to be able to walk into the room to install the windows, right?

Moving on... Thanks for the baby name suggestions. I'm so curious to see what we'll end up actually naming her. I'm hesitant to say that my current favorite, and what we're really leaning towards at this point, is Emilia... because chances are, I'll change my mind again. But as of today, that's the front runner. I like this spelling (vs. Amelia) for a few reasons: One, I think it looks prettier, more feminine, and two, because it has cuter nicknames- Emi, Em, etc. So, there you have it.

Oh- and I had to share this. I know I posted the ultrasound photo the other day, but I was going through Corban's newborn pics and found this, and couldn't believe it!! Check out the resemblance: (Insert minutes of frustration here---- Why does it only add my pictures to the very top of my post? And then not allow to me to drag them down? And why can't I find my pictures saved anywhere? I have to re-upload them all after deleting them from the top. Grrr... I don't like blogger! I much prefer the simplicity of xanga. Or the 5 years I have using it, that makes it seem easier... Either way, this is dumb.)
Okay- well forget it. I'll just make a new post to show the pictures. But can someone PLEASE explain to me how to make this work? I even made sure that the cursor was at the end of my post, where I wanted the pictures.... Blah.


  1. The picture thing drives me insane too. Since it automatically sticks them in the top of your post (xanga until last week did that to me too), I right click on the picture, click copy, then scroll down and right click to paste it wherever I want it. Hope that helps!

    Oh and good luck with all of the house progress! Post pictures when you finish!

  2. I was going to tell you the same hint. Right click the picture, copy, then paste it where you want it. Or you can cut and paste your text around the picture if that doesn't work.


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