Tuesday, October 7, 2008

but who's counting?!

It's my favorite time of year.... (okay, so it's my favorite 'quarter' of the year).

7days until the Pastor's Conference
9days until our trip to Erie, PA to see Brandon and Holly
23days until Halloween, er, the Harvest Party at church
50days until Thanksgiving... which means..
51days until 'Black Friday' shopping
78days until Christmas
80days until my 23rd birthday
100days until my due date!!!


  1. I also love this time of year....and I love the count downs! :-) Hooray for only 100 days until your due date! wow!

  2. Wow! What a busy and fun season you have ahead of you. I so miss going to the pastor's conference. Such good times there!

  3. Wow, you now only have 90 days until Baby Girl is here! Woohoo!



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