Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bad news... please read, please pray.

As most of you know by now, my little brother has a brain tumor. About 10 weeks ago I posted a note similar to this, asking for prayer before he had his 4th surgery. The surgery went very well, as well as it possibly could've, according to the neurosurgeon, but we recieved bad news today.
Despite removing all tumor visible by way of MRI, etc., the tumor has returned, and is bigger than when they removed it 10 weeks ago (about the size of an eyeball) . That was his fourth surgery, and most invasive. He also has gone through 6.5 weeks of radiation. According to the doctor, they've exhausted these possibilities. The tumor has returned after each surgery, and has grown back despite the radiation... The type of tumor JD has is very rare, and the situations of recurring like it has done, even more so. There are only a handful of instances like this in the world, apparently...
Needless to say, we're all pretty shaken up by this news. It's terrifying to not have an immediate game plan, to have a doctor tell you that they're just not sure where to go from here yet. The next step will be for them to biopsy the tumor, and from the info that brings, they'll go from there. He said that the tumor is no longer the grade 2 tumor it was before, but is more aggresive. So, we need to develop a plan of action quickly.
We go on Thursday to see the pediatric oncologist.
Please, please, please be praying for our family. For wisdom for the doctors on what to do, where to go from here. Chemotherapy may be an option, but we'll know more after speaking with the oncologist and the biospy of the tumor. Pray for wisdom for my parents, as they make decisions based on the info recieved. Pray for answers, for hope, for peace, for comfort.
As terrifying as this has been from day one, we've now entered a new ball game. Please, just pray. Feel free to put JD on any and all prayer chains you may know of.
Thank you to all who have lifted us up, encouraged us, helped us through the last 4 years of this, and to those who are praying now. We love you all, and are so blessed to be surrounded by such friends and family!

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