Sunday, January 16, 2011

happy birthday, Caters!

It's amazing to me that my beautiful, wonderfully wild, life-loving little girl is two years old today. 
My Caters...
You've changed our world, little girl.
 Never have I known one who loves like you do. 
 You're wild and crazy... a free spirit, so much an individual. 
Oh, how I pray that you'll always be this way.
You've got an amazing imagination and a strong, strong will.
 Strong willed, yes, but you're tender, too.
You're my snuggler, my apologizer, my 'are you okay?' asker. You're as sweet as they come... usually. :)
Baby girl- I'm so proud of you. I love watching you grow, love watching you learn, have loved watching you become a big sister.  You've amazed me with your self-potty-training and your sentence speaking... but even more so with just who you are, that amazing little heart of yours. I love everything about you, Cate Taylor- and we are so glad you're our little girl! 
What a gift you are to us!!

(pictures taken by me... kristenmcg photography)


  1. happy birthday sweet Cate! She's so gorgeous!

  2. Kristen she is SO beautiful!! Been reading your blog for a long time now, so here I am out of the woodworks! Nora is absolutely beautiful baby. You are one blessed Momma!!

  3. happy birthday miss cate.
    you are growing up so fast.

    [i call my gabe, gabers!]

  4. I don't know why this made me so emotional, but I cried reading it. (what else is new these days?) Maybe it's the way I can just feel your love for her coming through in your words.

    She's a beauty! That dress is so precious. Did you make it? And I am IN LOVE with the photo of her on the table. The tip-toes!!! :) Oh!

    So you decided to take them at home after all? Very nice.

  5. She is such a gorgeous little girl! What spunk she has! I LOVED reading this about her! It makes me want to meet her (and you of course-lol) even more! What a sweet pea! I am so glad the Lord blessed you with her, even if she was an unexpected blessing. :) God sure does know what He is doing! I'll never forget your surprise announcement on Xanga that you were expecting Baby #2!!


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