Saturday, January 8, 2011

1 week old

sweet baby girl, one week old new...

So in love with our sweet Nora James!

also, my one-week-shy-of-2-yrs-old little girl got her first HAIR CUT today! Just a trim, but it helps a ton.
we're continuing to adjust.
we're being fed lots of delicious food.
still sleeping great.
'real' life starts Monday, when Jordan resumes a normal (but different!) work schedule and I manage three kiddos at home. 
it'll be good. we'll make it.
it's hard to type while nursing. thus the lack of capitals.
with that- hope your weekend is great!


  1. When do I get to hold your kid?

    I must point out that the captcha for this comment was "norna". So close!

  2. if you ever need a mommys helper. give me a call. i can come over and entertain the troops so you can take a long shower or nap. you and jordan make some beautiful babes.

  3. So precious. Good luck this week! A family I babysit for just gained a new baby and their daddy goes back to work this week, too. I'll keep you both in my prayers!

  4. Goodness, what a gorgeous girl! The third picture is my favorite, and the baby feet, cause baby feet are just delicious!

    Can't wait to hear how "real" life treats you. It will give me insight to what my life holds in the next 8 weeks...


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