Thursday, January 20, 2011


 As we were worshiping during youth group last night, I sat amazed...
Just eight months prior in that very room, I fearfully confessed to one of my best friends that I was seven and a half weeks pregnant... but that things didn't look good. She cried with me, prayed with me. Over the next few weeks, I watched our baby grow, and watched the blood clot grow right along with it. I was put on bedrest, told that there was a 50/50 chance that I would lose the baby. 
But then one week, the blood clot was a little smaller, 
and then just like that- 
it was gone.
And now, here... amazingly, we have our sweet baby girl.
I'm amazed by the Lord's goodness to us, choosing to bless us again with another precious life.
My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.

Nora James... you are such a gift. Such a sweet and miraculous little gift!


  1. i need some nora in my life. love these pics.

  2. Such a beautiful little gift as well. What a perfect blessing!

  3. God is so good! What a precious beauty. My fingers were itching to pick up that sweet girl, looking at her pictures. I wanted to kiss her little cheeks. What a sweetie pie! Eat up your time with her!

  4. kristen, she is so precious! what a beautiful, beautiful blessing! so glad you're adjusting to three so well--praying for you!

  5. This may be the most beautiful McGaughey baby yet!


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