Thursday, January 6, 2011

...and then there were THREE!

These are shots taken by my big brother when we brought the kids in to meet Nora at the hospital:

 They're pretty taken by her- always want to know where she is and what she's doing. Both enjoy holding her, and I melt watching them love her in their own ways... Caters offering blankies and pacis (which is like handing over her heart), Corban whispering sweet 'I love you, Baby Nora's and 'You're my lovebug's as he kisses her little head.
The two of them, though, are doing some adjusting. Corban is majorly protective of Nora, and doesn't want Cate near her. Cate is handling sharing her Mama way better than I imagined she would, but it is still hard. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely overwhelmed by the thought of all three by myself come next week. We'll learn and adjust, I know, but it seems daunting looking ahead. Three kids! :)
With that said, though, I am so completely taken by this baby girl! She is so content and pleasant. I hesitate to even say this for fear of jinxing myself and lynching from other parents of newborns, but three nights in a row she has slept five hours straight (!!). She'll eat, and then sleep another three. (Can I get a 'Praise the Lord'!?!?) When she's awake, she's very bright eyed, just looks around and sucks on her fist. Her favorite place is upright on my chest, and she has loved the sling whenever I've put her in it. She slept on me the first two nights, but last night was just next to me, and she has napped today by herself in the moses basket. I know she's still brand new and all of this can change, but so far- I couldn't ask for a better newborn.
I decided to join along with the thousands of others who do so and have started a 'Photo a day' blog. You can find it at . You can follow it and comment the same way you do this blog. Just fyi. :)
Alright... my house is now silent. Jordan is at a meeting at work, and I successfully and all by myself got three children to sleep simultaneously. I feel like that's worthy of a medal or something... but I'm just 5 days post partum and anything more than getting dressed feels monumental, you know? :)
I am off to re-sort baby clothes, gotta weed those little blue numbers out. :)
Happy Thursday!


  1. I am glad things are going so well for you Kristen. Your kids all look so great and I can imagine just how your heart melts around them. I hope the transition continues to go smoothly adjusting to 3 kids. There is bound to be rough days, but I can tell you are a great Mom and you will have many more good days than bad ones :o) Take Care! -Jodi :o)

  2. It is good to hear baby is adjusting well....Israel was a great newborn sleeper too and stayed that way....he started at 2 weeks old, sleeping 6 hours straight through the night, nurse and then go back down again for like 3 hours...once he started this he did it consistently....I'll be hoping she continues with her great sleeping habits. I think a lot of it had to do with how alert he was when he was awake, i don't know?!
    I only have a lil less than 2 weeks left and I have to tell ya seeing baby Nora's pics makes me oh so excited to see my baby girl:)


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