Friday, January 28, 2011

four weeks!

Sweet Nora James turns four weeks old tomorrow...
Can you imagine?!
I feel like she was born yesterday... but that she's always been a part of our family, too.
Oh, friends... she is wonderful
I'm so glad that we named her Nora. 
I've always pictured 'Nora's' as sweet and pleasant, simple kind of girls...
and that's exactly what our Nora is.
Easy Peasy. Content. Peaceful.
She's a magnificent sleeper- probably our best yet! She's consistantly doing 6.5ish hours straight at bedtime, nurses for around ten minutes, then sleeps another four.
When she's awake, she's bright-eyed and peaceful. Likes to squirm her long, skinny limbs and look towards the bright windows. You know, normal 4 week old type stuff. :)
Her favorite place is still on my chest. And that's still my favorite place for her to be.
She's a little peaunt, wearing all newborn sized clothes with room to spare in many of her outfits.
She weighs approximately 8 lbs, plus or minus a few ounces.
(I did the weigh myself, then weigh myself + her trick).
Basically... she's amazing. We're all pretty smitten by our newest addition. 
The 'big kids' still love to love on her and Corban is so protective of his littlest sister. They both call her 'Baby Nora James' almost every time they refer to her... and I love love love that. I call her Nora James majority of the time, too, it seems. I love that she has my little brother's name in hers, that though she's never met him, she'll get to tell people for the rest of her life that she was named after her Uncle JD. I love telling people that-- almost anytime someone asks her name, I mention JD. 
Anyway. Just thought I'd throw a little Nora update up. 

I've got to do some quick packing for the older two- Corban is spending the night with Jordan's parents, and Caters with mine tonight, and then they'll return tomorrow afternoon for Cate's second birthday party (finally!). I am so thankful that our parents were free to do this- I think both of them will benefit from some solo attention, and this Mama will benefit from a few hours to run errands with only one baby, and then all night and morning to clean and party prep. I am SO thankful for our families and how good they are to us and our kiddos! We are so blessed!


  1. Love reading about how your family is changing and growing. Nora is simply precious. Can't wait to read about how she and Corban and Cate interact and play together. Enjoy your {almost completely} YOU time!

  2. I didn't realize you named her after JD! I love that! It's perfect! And I love what the big kiddos call her. Wow, she really is an amazing sleeper!!!


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