Thursday, October 28, 2010


  • My furnace didn't work. It was 59 degrees inside. BUT- praise God- our wood burning stove is AMAZING and within an hour it was 68 degrees inside-- just using wood! I love the way our house smells, and secretly, I like feeling like a pioneer. or something like that.
  • I worked out. This might not sound monumental, but I AM 31 weeks pregnant. And currently sedentary. Twenty five minutes on the elliptical trainer never hurt so good. Loved it so much that I JOINED the gym. Call it peer pressure, but two good friends of mine were joining, too... and with child care built into the price AND spinning class, lap pool, hot tub, treadmills with tv- you had me at hello. I am really excited!
  • After I worked out, I may or may not have eaten a McDonalds cheeseburger. I'll leave that up to you to decide, but know this: I passed on the Diet Coke and chugged 64 oz. of water instead. You can pat me on the back tomorrow, if you want.
  • I like the house silent during nap times. I crave quiet. It wasn't exactly readily available to me initially today, but I folded laundry (because it was in my way) and plopped in my oversize chair+ottoman that happens to be located next to the fire, and I sipped my water (not diet coke) and edited pictures and enjoyed every single minute of it. It was glorious.
  • I hurriedly got ready and ventured out into the gloomy, windy 45 degree air. I took pictures of a beautiful little 2 year old girl and got to really test out my new camera. It's love, my friends. I am so stinkin' excited.
  • I got groceries in peace (read: sans kiddos). Mothers of multiple understand what a treat this is. And then on my way home, I got a vanilla chai from (as Corban calls it) "Dunkin' Chai-nuts", and came home to dinner waiting on me. Oh sweet day.
  • We all played in the garage and watched my little girl dance and my son throw strikes and I sat amazed at what sweet gifts I've given. I put jammies on Caters and she sang 'He loves us, Oh how He loves us..." to me and I melted all over again.
I'm a big fan of today. :) And now, it's time for bed. Hope your day was great, too!


  1. You AMAZE me with all you do. And I really want to use our fireplace!

  2. Wahoo for monumental moments. Way to go girl! The fact that you may or may not have eaten a McD's cheesburger after working out cracks me up. i totally did the same exact thing yesterday too after I ran. So much for burning calories...

    This post makes me smile.

    and I wish their was a Dunkin "chai-nuts" where I live. There use to be. I could really go for a donut hole : ).


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