Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hang on!

This week is chaos. 
I had 3 photo sessions last week, 7 this week, 4 next week.
I purposefully jam packed this month- with it being prime time seasonally for pictures and with my upcoming hiatus due to the birth of a child.
But it sure makes for craziness around here.
I'm really excited, though, about a lot of things. Like being a photographer. And taking a vacation (in two weeks, my friends...). Having time with just my family after all this busyness. It's good. It's just a few weeks of chaos. And I love it. The moments that I'm not letting myself be overwhelmed, anyway, I really do love it.
So hold on, life will sort of soon resume normalcy. Except for the holiday season quickly approaching, and then adding another child to our family. I guess a NEW normal will soon arrive. One where we have three kiddos and I have a small business. 
And amazing.
God is so good to us.
I'm really excited about life right now. 
Even amidst the chaos. 
I have a lot to say on all these subjects; a photography business, a third child, a vacation, my husband, etc., and hopefully we'll get to it all soon. But now, it's time for bed.
Sweet dreams.


  1. Now, I'll just keep looking forward to resuming work on your site in the future! :)

    Can't wait to meet the new little one! Hope to see you guys again soon!

  2. Your children are adorable, and you always seem to catch them in the best possible moments in your pictures. That's quite a talent. :)


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