Thursday, October 7, 2010

park play

 The weather outside in mid-central Indiana is unbelievably perfect. This time of year, you realize why people live in this state, why they stay... 67 and sunny, beautiful colors everywhere... absolutely perfect.
Needless to say, we're spending as much time as we can outside enjoying.
We hit up the park just a mile or two down the street this morning, and the kids enjoyed just running around. They play so little on the equipment- they prefer to just run. Guess there's not much need to drive to the park if that's all they want to do! :)
Anyway- just LOOK at how big my daughter is getting. Seriously. She's a full-blown toddler (and aren't those pigtails wonderful?). She's really shot up here recently, and is also slimming down. Not much of that round little toddler belly left. She's speaks really really well- full sentences- and amazes me with the things she puts together. She remembers names and who belongs with who every bit as well as Corban does. She's very much a people person, and very much a mama's girl. :) And in case you were wondering, she insists on wearing her 'Cindereya' watches (they're actually Belle- our elderly neighbors who are moving found them while boxing things up. They were their granddaughters- who is now in college!), at all times, and on both wrists. She's got a thing for all things princess or tinkerbell, despite never having seen any of the movies. Funny how you don't have to teach a little girl to like to frilly pretty things, huh?
Anyway- a few pictures from our morning:

  (she was taking off her shoes, as always)
 (He's a running machine! Just loves to go!)

 (any guesses on what was happening here? Corban's new favorite game... 'BAM!'ing Cate. He runs behind her and bumps her with his chest... usually knocking her over. Mmhmm. Nice, huh? Thankfully, she finds it funny and loves to try and outrun him.)

I love how he looks so boyish, but still my baby in this one. 
I told you she was huge! :)

Okay.. kids are finally quiet in their beds, which means that I can bathe without fear. I've got a senior photo session late afternoon today and one late morning tomorrow, and then we're spending Saturday up at Taylor University with my brother-in-law, Isaac and also Hopey. Jordan and Isaac are running a 5k race in the morning, and then we're watching Isaac play football in the afternoon and Hope play volleyball in the evening. Hoping to squeeze in visits with some recently graduated youth group kids while we're up that way, too! 
Enjoy this beautiful day!


  1. I'll be at TU for homecoming, too! Maybe we'll bump into each other :)

  2. Oh how you make motherhood look so sweet (not perfect, Im sure it's hard work) but just something beautiful to look forward to :)


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