Sunday, August 22, 2010

sweet baby Cate

I know, I know... I've been a little picture heavy over here recently. Stick with me, though. I'm trying to learn how to balance my home, my kids, ministry, starting a small business... I've done terribly with my time management and additionally have been absolutely exhausted. I'll get this all figured out one day.
And then I'll throw another baby in the mix....
Moving on....
I suddenly looked at the calendar, and my baby girl is 19 months old.
Closer to 2 than she is to 1.
Speaking sentences.
Potty training.
Asserting that strong-will every time I turn around.
Guys, this little girl of mine... she's amazing. Oh, she's hard, getting harder by the minute- has more energy and curiousity than the best of them, but she's tender and sweet and loves, loves, loves. She wraps her little hand around my arm and lays her head on my shoulder as she tells me she 'wuvs' me, and I melt. She's passionate about eating and fiercly attached to her blankies and paci. She loves routine and shoes of every color. She speaks in third person and always wants to 'See Cate pretty' after I fix her hair. She's got a fascination for babies and is very much a Mama's girl. 
I love everything about her, can't get enough of her. I love her love of life, just like her brothers.
I'm so thankful every single day to be Mama.
So thankful for my wonderful kids.
So thankful that God created them just the way they are.
And to think- we get to do it again!
So so blessed.

(Refer me to this post next time you hear me mention how frustrated I am with the cereal dumped or eggs smashed on the floor [Cate now picks the lock on the fridge], hand sanitizer smeared all over the kitchen or concealer painting Cate's face. And in case you're wondering, all of that was split between two mornings this week. MmHmm. Love being Mama. Just wish I could afford a maid. ha!)

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