Monday, August 23, 2010


Did you read my post yesterday, where I said reference me to this next time....

Yeah, well... next time was today.

The last hour- just since nap time has been over, I've cleaned up smeared eyeshadow from my just mopped kitchen floor (I was under the table scrubbing the other half of the room), a full bottle of water dumped on my couch, a bag of chips spread all over the carpet (I had been eating the chips and drinking the water, and was sitting on the couch with the kids. They did this right in front of me), and now peanut butter from Corban's mattress (They were playing in his room while I got dressed).
These kids are just stinking fast! I was right here with them when all of this happened. Man.

Anyway, now... they're both BACK in their beds.
And I'm frustrated and tired.

Who wants to come be my live-in maid?



  1. I've always told you I will come help out. You know I love to clean. It's almost a weird sickness. Okay, it is a weird sickness. But you do have that offer on the table, especially as you get further into pregnancy.

  2. I have SOOOO had days like this too. I'm sorry you're having hard day. Bedtime will come soon. :)


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