Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the rest

56. I ate Chinese food for lunch, Mexican for dinner, and icecream for dessert. Yikes.
57. I laughed a lot and visited with a lot of people I love.
58. I finally got to talk to my husband this morning, and I am SO ready for him to be home.
59.Tomorrow, I get to take pictures of a 10 month old, and the next day, a whole bunch of cousins of varying ages with their grandparents.
60. I forgot to pack dress clothes of any sort and only have a pair of flip flops with me. Oops. I also forgot my spare battery and charger, so I'm praying this battery goes a loooooong way.
61. It was a million degrees outside and about 99 percent humidity. I stayed in the a/c most of it.
62.I'm about 19 weeks pregnant. That's nearly half way done cooking this child. Crazy.
63. I still have about zero names on my boy list. About to start taking suggestions...
64. Our house isn't being bulldozed.
65. We're (hopefully) creating a mini 4th bedroom by knocking out a wall between closets that back up to eachother.
66. I'm 24.5 years old and am just now getting my wisdom teeth. I can now empathize with my children in their teething pain.
67. I think telling someone that their children are a handful is one of the least kind things you could tell a mother. Just sayin'.
68. Corban just told Page that we should name a baby boy Zach. We don't even know a Zach.
69. My son also said the following today, while reading the bible with his Uncle Isaac: He turned the page to 1 Corinthians 11 and said, "It says right here- Jesus is alive, and He wants to eat peanuts!"
70. There are so many things I see in my little boy that I see in his Daddy- and I'm more grateful for that than you could ever imagine.
71. My 5 year wedding anniversary is next week. Seems like forever but just a few minutes all at the same time. I'm more in love now than ever before... and that's a darn good thing.
72. I like coffee again. And diet coke sometimes. But mostly, I want ice water around the clock.
73. One day, I WILL own a fridge with an ice maker.
74. I wish I had linen sheers and matchstick bamboo shades for every room in my house.
75. I want to everyday be thankful for the way God created my children- their energy and curiousity, their love of life. I don't want for one second to wish any of the things that make them them away.
76. Corban and Cate were mistaken for twins for the first time this week! They were in the stroller, so I could see how one may think that. This tells me that my baby girl is seriously growing up.
77. I love to wear socks. And I almost always sleep in them.
78. I think this baby will be very different from its siblings. Everything about this pregnancy has been different. And it's much less active in utero than either Corban or Cate were.
79. I bought over $300 worth of clothing for our family from Old Navy for only $60 this week.
80. I got a new skirt and a scarf for myself in the mix of all that.
81. I wear skirts almost everyday... I'm in that wierd in between stage, where normal pants are getting too tight and maternity stuff is too big.
82.But I do finally have a belly that looks pregnant! I love this stage, where you feel good and don't yet feel humungous.
83. I don't think spell check is on on this computer... forgive the mistakes. I'm too lazy to proof read right now.
84. We're going to a Cleveland Indians game with my brother next week. Very excited - and can't wait to see how Corban reacts.
85. I'm getting so close to having my photography website ready. It excites me and scares me all at the same time...
86. Can I just stop at 86? I don't really have anything else to talk about. SO I think I'll stop. Thus concludes my random about me posts. Adios!

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  1. Jesus loves peanuts! That is hilarious.

    I'm craving ice water too.

    Skirts, really?

    Smackdown typically insists on wearing socks to bed too!


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