Monday, August 9, 2010

oh baby!

I went a few days early for my 20 week ultrasound this morning.
Insert a huge sigh of relief.
Our baby looked perfect, everything looked exactly as it should.
It's measured a few days ahead for most of this pregnancy, but today was measuring identical to its due date.
Maybe I won't have a 10 lb baby after all?
Regardless, I'm praising God for the life growing wonderfully inside of me.

Everything about this one has been SO different from its siblings... no puking, for starters. With both Corban and Cate, I still had another month of toilet-hugging to go at this point. I felt movement a couple weeks sooner with both of them, and they were much more active in utero than this one is at this point. My weight gain started off more quickly this time around (I'm sure due to the ability to eat and keep food down), but has tapered off and I've gained the exact amount I had at 20 weeks when pregnant with Cate (which is 8 lbs, in case you're wondering). It's crazy how the first two were identical, and this one is so so different.
I can now understand why people enjoy pregnancy. :)
 (this pic was taken a week ago, 18.5 weeks)
That's a joke. Sort of. I loved it...from about 23 weeks to 30 weeks, but the other 33 weeks were pretty miserable the first two times. This time... easy peasy. Truthfully- I think it's an answer to prayer. I had been saying for months that I didn't even want to start to think about getting pregnant until summer was over with. I felt like I had missed out on so much of the kids the fall and winter, and I wanted summer to just enjoy them, to be more than just physically present, and I knew pregnancy would not allow for that.
Well... God had other plans. Surprise! I'm pregnant, and convinced that something is wrong because I just feel good. That can't be right, huh?! My husband prayed for me the day that we found out that I wouldn't be so sick, so that I could love on our kiddos and enjoy being with them... I think God's honored that- and I am SO thankful.
I didn't cave today. I still don't know the gender of this baby. It's gonna be a long 20 weeks, my friends. I am SO stinkin' curious. I thought boy at first, and then I was convinced it was a girl, and now I'm back to thinking boy... goodness. It'd make this naming process a lot easier if I were just needing to settle on one.. but no such luck. We're really really REALLY stumped in the boy name department. Any suggestions?!?!? Requirements are that it can't start with a 'C' and has to sound good with James for a middle name. Also, preferably not top 100 and can't be a name of any of the millions of people we know. Easy as pie, right? ha! I have a name that I love, but we've got friends with an older child with the same name... and Jordan's not sold on it, either. So, I don't want to have an awkward conversation for no reason, you know? My list is pretty much nada.
Welp, my dishes aren't going to wash themselves, so I better go. We're heading to Cleveland tomorrow with my big brother to take Corban to his first MLB game! Looking forward to it!! :)


  1. So glad that the babe is healthy and so are you!

    Isaiah James is what we have in line if we have anymore and it is a boy! I also like Zachary James, and Theodore James. David's Paternal grandpa is Theodore and his maternal James.

  2. I wanna know what you're having too!!! ;) And you will always be the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen. Ever.

  3. I did some's addicting to look through baby names so I cut myself off! :) Here are a few I like Trent James, Zachary James, Ashton James, Grant James, Landen James, Spencer James, Emerson James, Ty James, Teagan James, Trey James, Reece James, Elliott James....and that's just to name a few! LOL! I really like the "T" names w/ the middle name of James.

  4. Yay, another Kristen McG post. I miss you writing more.

    Can't wait to see you this week!

  5. I love the first suggestion of Isaiah James :) I also love Peyton James, Parker James, Noah James, but those may all be in the top 100! Henry James sounds very classic :) Pray about it before you go to sleep and I'll bet God will send you a hint on the gender and the perfect name!! Blessings, Anissa Bowman

  6. Aww, cute, cute, cute picture of you! I love your baby bump! What a huge blessing that you are feeling so well this time around!

    Ooh, baby names! I remember suggesting names when you were pregnant with Cate and torn on a C name or not. And now here we are again! These are some of the names that I like that I don't *think* are in the top 100 and that I think sound good with James: Alec, Ashton, Branson, Braxton, Dalen, Deagan, Emerson, Foster, Treyvor (Pronounced tray-vor), Tristan, and Wyatt. Good luck! I can't wait to hear the ones you pick out!

  7. Hey Kristen!!

    How do you like Beckett? Ryder? Grayson? Boston? Jensen?

    Just a few ideas!! Miss and love you!! :)

  8. I've never written here, but have been following your blog for quite sometime. The way you live your life is an example and I thank you for sharing it here.

    I can remain quiet no longer. I know you don't want a C name, but I love the name Canaan...reminding us of the promised land that we will enjoy one day. It's definitely NOT in the top 100, and probably won't work for a girl...but worth mentioning.

    Keep doing what you're doing, and don't forget to leave a little time for writing here. Your effect on this world is more than you know. :)

  9. Alright, sorry, I'm back. ;-) After reading the comment right above this one, I had to add in one last name. If you do like that person's suggestion of Canaan, for a girl you could use Cana. A precious little girl at our church is named that. Okay, that's all. :)


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